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White Point

White Point Grando Front Loading Digital Washing Machine, 8 KG, Silver - WPW8121DSC

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• سعة 8 كجم • 1200 لفة في الدقيقة • شاشة ديجيتال ال سي دي كبيرة • برامج متعددة • صنعت في تركيا غسالة ملابس وايت بوينت جراندو تحميل امامي ديجيتال WPW9121DSC تتميز بجودة الاداء المرتفعة وبسعة 9 كجم بحيث تناسب معظم العائلات. فغسالة الملابس WPW9121DSC تأتي بمجموعة كبيرة من البرامج المختلفة اللي بيتم ضبطها علي حسب نوع الغسيل وبالشكل اللي يناسب احتياجاتك. يعني الموديل ده بيكون فيه البرامج الأساسية اللي بتحتاجها أي عائلة، زي برنامج الغسل السريع، وبرنامج الغسل اليدوي، وبرنامج الغسل المختلط.

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About the product

  • 8 KG Capacity
  • 1200 RPM
  • Large LCD Digital Screen
  • Multi-Programs
  • Made In Turkey

The White Point Grando freestanding front-loading washing machine - WPW8121DSC has a 9 KG family size capacity and is a great value for money model. The WPW8121DSC comes with a wide range of wash programs, to suit any load. This model comes with standard programs that every family needs, such as Quick Wash, Hand Wash, and Mix Wash Program.

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Washing Machines
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White Point Grando Front Loading Digital Washing Machine, 8 KG, Silver - WPW8121DSC
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White Point
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8 KG
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Front Load
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Free Standing
With Dryer

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Features We Love

8 KG Load Capacity, The White Point Grando washing machine - WPW8121DSC allows you to wash larger loads and the small depth allows a flush finish with the kitchen cabinets. You can wash more than 15 shirts in one wash cycle, saving you, even more, time and energy.
Quick Wash Program, You no longer have to wait hours for your daily wash to be ready, with our Quick Wash program you can wash a full load of laundry in short time.
Hand Wash Program, Clothes susceptible to damage, such as those made of linen or silk, can be washed just as if they were being washed by hand.
Mix Wash Program, The Mixed load program can wash a mixture of fabrics together in the same load. This setting is convenient for items that need to be washed sooner, without having to wait to accumulate a full load.
1200 RPM, With 1200 rpm spin speed, your laundry is much easier and time saver.