Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

(1) Introduction

Welcome with B.TECH, the following are terms and conditions concerning your use and log in to B.TECH.com website pages, and all their pages, links, tools, and features. Your use of B.TECH Site is an agreement on your part to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement, which includes all the details below, and a confirmation of your commitment to responding to the contents of this special agreement of B.TECH Company referred to hereinafter as " we".

Regarding your use of the website, hereinafter referred to as the "Usage Agreement" The agreement is valid if you accept the option of acceptance.


General conditions

  • The company has the right to cancel any offer without reference to the customer if the product is not delivered on time for delivery.
  • All products on the site are available and the company has the right to cancel the order based on the product's availability.
  • The Inquiry fees are not refunded for the query service in case of installments, whether the application is accepted or rejected.
  • In the case of an online installment request, the company has the right to reject the request without giving reasons for rejection to the customer.
  • In the case of orders for offers, which include gifts attached to the product, the company may modify the order to give the available gifts and compensate the customer with a similar gift or purchase voucher from the company.
  • In the case of a purchase order from the website, the purchase invoice is sent after the product is delivered to the customer on the email registered on his account with his knowledge on the site and the company is not responsible for any incorrect or fictitious e-mail registration by the customer and is considered the customer responsibility and does not have the right to claim the purchase invoice again from the company.
  • In the case of the order of purchase from the site and after delivery of the product and review with the delivery representative at home or branch, any scratches, trade, or decrease in the product shall be considered the customer's responsibility as soon as he delivers the product from the company representative at home or branch and is not entitled to return to the company after reviewing the receipt of the product with the delivery representative during receipt.
  • In the case of an online order, the customer is responsible for any scratches, injuries, or deficiencies in the product as soon as the customer delivers the product from the delivery representative at the delivery place, whether at home or branch, and the customer is not entitled to return to the company after reviewing the receipt of the product with the delivery representative during receipt.
  • In the case of the purchase order from the site, the specifications and possibilities of the product and any technical failures resulting after the purchase shall be the responsibility of the supplier (agent) in the after-sales service, provided that the customer's responsibility is to inform the supplier (agent) of any failure of the product and B.TECH is not responsible for any technical failures of the product and the responsibility is shared between the customer and the supplier (agent).
  • The company has the right to cancel the order in case the customer does not respond to the delivery official's contact with the company or delay the receipt from the delivery date specified by the order and the value of the product is refunded in the case of prepayment in the same way as payment.
  • In the case of an installment request, a text message will be sent to the customer's phone with the approval of the request initially until the buyer and guarantor are queried and respond edifying with final approval or rejection after the completion of the query.
  • In the case of the installment request is approved after inquiring about the customer and determining the system of installments and calculating interest according to the result of the query and based on the opinion of the credit management in the company, the company has the right to modify any procedures of the installment request based on the result of the query without reference to the customer and before contracting with him, and the customer is not entitled to demand the implementation of the offer of purchase as long as it does not fit the opinion of the credit management of the company.
  • The client reviews and acknowledges the terms and conditions of the site before purchasing from the site and undertakes to accept and abide by them.


(2) Qualification to Membership

  1. Membership of the website is granted only to those who have exceeded the age of 18 years, and B.TECH website has the right to cancel the account of any member who has not yet reached the age of 18 years, along with the commitment with the liquidation of its financial accounts as soon as the account is closed.
  2. No person shall be entitled to use the website if its membership is canceled by B.TECH.
  3. You must comply with all applicable laws to regulate trade via the Internet.
  4. No member or institution is entitled to open two accounts at one time for any reason whatsoever, and the website administration has the right to freeze the two accounts or to cancel one of them together with a commitment to filter out all the financial transactions relating to the account before closing it.

(3) Registration Obligations

Immediately after filing the registration application for membership on the website, you are required to disclose specific information and to choose a user name, and a secret password to be used when logging into the website. Upon acceptance of the application for registration, you will be considered a member of the website and so you have agreed to:

  1. You will be responsible for maintaining your account secret information and your password confidentiality, and to identify the persons who are allowed to access and use your account on the website, and so you agree to inform B.TECH immediately of any unauthorized of your password or login to your account, or any other breach of confidentiality of your information.
  2. B.TECH will not be in any way responsible for any loss that may incur directly or indirectly morally or materially as a result of disclosing the user name or password regarding logon information.
  3. Customer approval of the Terms and Conditions
  4. The client agreement to record the required data and that the information be accurate and correct.
  5. Responsibility of the account holder to respect all activities that occur using its password.
  6. During the registration process, the customer agrees to receive promotional emails from the website. You can, at a later date, to cancel this option and not to receive any e-mails.
  7. You are responsible for maintaining the use of B.TECH website with all seriousness and credibility, and you are bound to compensate B.TECH for any direct or indirect losses that B.TECH may incur as a result of any illegal use, real, or commissioned for your account by you or by any someone else obtained access to your account on the website, whether to accomplish services and otherwise using your user name and password, either authorized by you or without your authorization.
  8. You agree to the disclosure of true, correct, up to date information, and complete information about yourself as requested in the registration form at B.TECH "
  9. Do not include in the registration card any of your contact details such as your e-mail, phone, or any personal details.
  10. B.TECH is committed to deal with your personal information and contact details confidentially.
  11. You will be obliged to maintain the registration data and update thereof successively to keep them true, correct, current, and complete. If you disclose untrue, incorrect, incurrent, or incomplete information or that may violate those stated in the user agreement, in this case B.TECH has the full right to stop, limit, or cancel your membership and your account on the website, without prejudice to other rights of B.TECH and its legitimate means to recover their rights.
  12. You agree to provide any information and/or documents to B.TECH if asked to do so.
  13. In the case of non-compliance with any of the abovementioned terms, the management of B.TECH has the right to suspend or to cancel your membership and block you on the website. We also reserve the right to cancel any unconfirmed accounts, and any unproven, or accounts or processes that have been sat out for a long time without activity.

(4) Electronic Communications

  1. You agree to communicate with you via e-mail, or by promoted ads on the website, and you agree that all agreements, declarations, statements and other communications supplied to you electronically serve as their written counterparts to meet the legal needs.
  2. During the period of your membership, B.TECH will send promoting e-mails to identify any changes, or new procedures, or propaganda activities that may be added to the website.
  3. You have a right as a user to confirm that you do not wish to receive promotional e-mails, and you can cancel the receipt of such messages by clicking on the request not to receive promotional messages available at the bottom of the promotional messages and advertising option.



(5) Amendments to the User Agreement and mechanism of action of B.TECH

  1. You know and agree that B.TECH will notify you of any amendment to the User Agreement, under which your obligations and rights will be multiplied or diminished by any adjustments that might be performed on the Terms of Use.
  2. You know that B.TECH website is a technical and electronic website on the Internet allowing the sale of goods to registered members on the website.

B.TECH maintains the right to take any necessary actions or steps, including but not limited to legal proceedings to collect due fees, taxes, and/or appropriate expenses.

  1. In some cases, a request may not be approved for several reasons. The organizers of the website maintain the right to reject or to cancel any request for any reason and at any time. Before the approval of the application, we may ask you to provide additional information or other data to check something, including, for example, but not limited to, phone number and address.

(6) The use of B.TECH system for secure payment

  1. Safe payment system in B.TECH is that the payment for the purchase of goods from the website done online in whole or in part by the properties of payment belonging to B.TECH and called my wallet (MyWallet) or in cash upon receipt "COD" or any other party for payment may be provided by B.TECH on the website from time to time or payment via B.TECH branches.
  2. The provision of service payment via MyWallet or in cash on receipt by B.TECH is a convenience for buyers to complete payment transactions over the Internet overseen by B.TECH.
  3. Prohibited actions during the operations on the website:
  •         Not to deliver you a commodity purchased by you as long as the buyer commits with the stated conditions.
  •         Carrying out any action that would breach the confidentiality systems, and information and data on the website, or disclosure or use of any data or information for any reasons or acts not related to B.TECH.
  •         Transfer of your account and your user name on the website to another party without informing the website management, and taking its consent to this procedure.
  •         Doing anything incurring us or may incur us (in our view) enormous unjustified burdens on our infrastructure and employment policy.
  1. Interference or attempt to intervene to influence the progress of work on the website.
  2. Trying to seize on another user's account or to do any scam on the website or other users' accounts, and other fields of their accounts.
  3. Harming B.TECH through the use of shipping services granted by B.TECH or My Wallet service, or properties or other contracts or terms and conditions of B.TECH, which are offered on the website from time to time.

(7) B.TECH Commitments

  1. It is the sole and exclusive owner by the law of the beneficiary by all materials of any kind that it wants to offer for sale on the website, and it has the evidence proving that it has the right and authority to trade in these materials and to offer them for sale.
  2. It will comply with all local and international laws applicable in this regard, as well as applicable laws and regulations regarding the use of the website.
  3. The information and description of goods in order to be published on the website are true, accurate, detailed, and illustrated the sale.
  4. To operate according to the website policy concerning the maintenance of the privacy of contact and communication Information, and it will not disclose the details of information and contact addresses, including phone numbers, mailing addresses, and e-mail addresses, anywhere on the website, including the models and Forum, and Item details, or through any e-mail features of the website.

(8) Copyright

  1. Contents collected on the website are the exclusive property and rights thereof are reserved to B.TECH, and are protected under copyright reserved rights, trademarks, and intellectual and creative property laws.

(9) Trademarks

B.TECH and owned logos, and other words and logos on the website, are either registered or unregistered trademarks of B.TECH, which are protected by rights and laws of ownership of international trademarks and other intellectual rights and laws.

(10) Causing Damage to B.TECH:

 B.TECH can resort to taking technical or legal procedures against users who make up problems or legal claims of any type or dealing with inappropriate behavior violating User Agreement or our contracts.

(11) Buyer Protection

B.TECH owns a "buyer protection program" designed to help buyers to ensure the protection of their purchases from the scam sellers on the website.

  1. If the buyer purchases goods in a manner of " Safepay ", and has not received his goods or if he had received goods different from the offered specification or different in the value from what has been mentioned on the display page, then the buyer can seek protection under the Buyer Protection Program. This program contains a clause allowing him compensation by B.TECH for the value of the goods only. For the buyer to benefit from this program, he should raise a complaint through the e-mail of B.TECH within 48 hours from the date of receipt of the commodity non-matching together with mentioning all the necessary details relating to the process.
  2. After B.TECH management receives the sent communication, it will take the necessary measures to check out the situation and the details. In the case of being proved, B.TECH will compensate the buyer according to the website's policy and according to what B.TECH management deeming it appropriate based on the details of each case separately.
  3. Shipping fees of the requests to return the goods

(If the return is due to B.TECH error or a problem with the sent product)

  •         If the buyer expresses objection within 3 days from the date of receipt of the request (protection period provided by B.TECH)
  •         B.TECH shall bear the shipping fees for returning merchandise to him
  •         (If the return is due to an error on part of the buyer and the product is still in its original state unopened)

The Buyer shall bear the shipping fees for returning merchandise to him

(12) The Confidentiality of Information

  1. B.TECH shall abide by the protection standards against the reach of an unauthorized person to your personal identity information, and maintaining them. Knowing that the Internet is not a secure way, the confidentiality of your personal information cannot be guaranteed 100%.
  2. B.TECH will provide your contact information; a mobile phone and e-mail to the purchaser to fulfill the deal for communication to complete the process of shipment and payment.
  3. B.TECH has no control over the actions of any third party, like other Internet pages linked to this website, or any third parties claiming to represent you or to represent others. You know and agree that B.TECH may use your information that you provided them, to provide services to you in B.TECH and to send marketing messages to you and that the confidentiality contract on this website adjusts the processes of collection, treatment, use, and transfer of your personal identity information.

(13) Guarantee

B.TECH does not guarantee that this website is free from viruses and other things that can cause damage to the users. It is the nature of online communication that the information therein is prone to access thereto, spoiling it, or causing delays. The website, from time to time, could be incapable of carrying out any operations because of the troubleshooting, maintenance, and development processes. You agree that B.TECH is not obligated to support the website, and you also agree publicly on your visit to the website and to bear the risk yourself. 


(14) Determination of Responsibilities

According to what is permitted by law, B.TECH, its employees, agents, and distributors shall not be responsible for any loss directly or breakdowns arising from the use of the website. If you are not satisfied with the website or any of the contents of its articles, the solution is not to use it anymore.

(15) Security

You agree to provide security to B.TECH, its directors, employees, agents, and officials; and to protect them from any damage that may incur due to claims, losses, and failures, costs and expenses, caused by a violation of the User Agreement, or your violation to any law or infringe upon the rights of others.

(16) Relationship and Notifications

The terms of reference of the User Agreement does not include the existence of a partnership between you and B.TECH, and you have no authority to bind B.TECH in any way, and that any notices you need to send to B.TECH, you have to send them by email, provided that B.TECH shall respond to the email. You know and agree that any notices sent to you from B.TECH, will be announced on the website or by e-mail that you provided to us during the registration process, and it is assumed to be received after 72 hours from sending. We can send you a notice by ordinary mail to the address you provided to us, and it is supposed to be received after 7 days of sending.

(17) The Transfer of Rights and Obligations

You are here granting B.TECH the right to transfer part or all of its rights, benefits, obligations, and responsibilities to other parties working with it, without the need to return to you, according to the texts of the User Agreement, and B.TECH is committed to notifying you of any of such transfers if occurred, as well as publishing on the website, while you cannot convert your benefits, your rights and obligations to a third party without taking the written permission in advance from B.TECH according to the terms and conditions stated in the User Agreement.

(18) General Information

If any provision contained in this User Agreement is invalid or void or for any reason, it is no longer in force, such paragraph does not invalidate the rest of other paragraphs in the agreement. This agreement (which is amended from time to time according to its terms) sets all the outlines of understanding and agreement between you and B.TECH about:

  •         It is not the right of any person, not a party to this User Agreement to impose any terms or conditions therein.

(19) The applicable law

This User Agreement is governed and formulated according to the Arab Republic of Egypt Act and is fully and entirely subject to the legislation in force in Egyptian courts.

(20) The Terms and Provisions of the Guarantee

All of the following are excluded from the guarantee:

  •         periodic inspection, general maintenance, repair, and replacement of items, which are disrupted as a result of the normal use of the good, as well as other consumer parts, such as batteries, cables and headphones, lights, and other parts of the item that are consumed naturally.
  •         Misuse which includes - for example, not limited to malfunctions that arise from the lack of knowledge of the buyer to the right way to deal with the item, or attempt to operate it is contrary to the policy of B.TECH, or the manufacturer, in addition to malfunctions resulting from the use of any uncertified attachments to be used with the item.
  •         Any malfunction arises as a result of an error in the installation or fixing resulting from a breach of the instructions contained in the user manual, or those that are granted by B.TECH to the buyer when buying the commodity.
  •         All faults resulting from various incidents, such as lightning strikes, acts of God, floods and civil unrest, or other reasons that are beyond the control of B.TECH and cannot be controlled.
  •         In addition to the buyer scan, removal, or amendment to the serial number of the product or if the serial number of the product cannot be read.
  •         This warranty is not transferable from one person to another, as it will be the only means by which the buyer can take advantage of services of B.TECH, or approved maintenance centers mentioned in the guarantee document, which would be responsible for any explicit or implied breach of any of the terms of this guarantee.
  •         Legal Liability: B.TECH shall not be responsible in any way for any loss of information that may be stored/saved on any goods that are maintained or replaced.
  •         All intellectual property rights, whether registered or unregistered on the website, and all content information and design information contained on the website are considered to belong to us.


(21) Deal of the Hour Conditions: 

The available quantity for each SKU is one for each product within the Promotion 

Announced prices are applicable at this time and date, may be changed by the offers, exchange rates, the place of delivery, or any change to the status of the stock.


(22) Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

  1. B.TECH Loyalty program is a reward program that consists of POINTS and DISCOUNTS.
  2. You agree to subscribe to the Program in accordance with these terms, which you must read and accept.
  3. You will be automatically enrolled in the program free of charge, noting that "Registration is optional"
  4. B.TECH may cancel your enrollment in the loyalty program in case of any of the following:
  • You face any legal liability.
  • Violation of any of B.TECH's terms & conditions.
  1. At any time and without prior notification or liability to the client, B.TECH reserves the right to cancel the loyalty program and/or cancel and/or modify any of its features and/or enroll and/or dis-enroll customers and/or modify and/or reduce the monetary value of the points and/or the way the points are redeemed, even if these measures will reduce the monetary value of the reward points already earned.
  2. B.TECH is not responsible for any of the products or services, or the quality of the products and services provided by the merchants, service providers participating in the loyalty Program. Any complaint must be addressed to the responsible merchant or service provider, respectively.
  3. Points earning mechanism is available on the B.TECH Official website and B.TECH Mobile Application.
  • There will be no accumulation on the Redeemed value.
  1. Points are redeemed as follows:
  • You can redeem the points collected at any of B.TECH stores by just mentioning your mobile number registered at the B.TECH loyalty program.
  • Points earned cannot be transferred to cash under any circumstances.
  • In case of partial redemptions at B.TECH stores, you can still pay the difference with your credit/debit cards or in cash.
  • You can redeem any number of points at any of our stores with no limits on the minimum number of points to be redeemed.
  1. Points collected expire after 12 months from the earning date.
  2. B.TECH may change /remove any offer /discount without prior notice.
  3. You cannot Combine Two offers or more at the same time.

The Loyalty Reward Program, offered by B.TECH, allows Customers to benefit from discounts and free products offered by B.TECH based on their Reward Points Balance.

The loyalty Terms and Conditions aligned with B.TECH Terms of Use and Privacy Policy respectively available shall govern the Loyalty Reward Program. In the event of any discrepancy between the present T&C and B.TECH T&C, B.TECH terms & conditions shall prevail.

B.TECH loyalty program T&C, together with terms related to any promotional offers offered by B.TECH, all shall be implemented together.

Customers who are registered in the Program shall have read and understood the present T&C and accept it. For any inquiries, customers are welcome to address staff members at any of our Branches located across Egypt during official working hours or call our contact center 19966.

The present T&C are subject to change by B.TECH from time to time. In such case, updated T&C shall be published on B.TECH Official Website, B.TECH Mobile Application, stores and contact center 19966 and shall be implemented on redeemed purchases.

The Program is intended for personal use only. Resellers are excluded from the Program and from earning Points. If B.TECH mistakenly issues Reward Points for resale purposes, B.TECH reserves the right to deduct those improperly awarded points.

How to register?

Customers who wish to enroll in the Program shall follow the registration process by visiting any of B.TECH Retail Stores across Egypt, B.TECH Official Website, or B.TECH Mobile Application or call our contact center 19966

Our simplified registration process will only require Customers to provide their mobile numbers and to enter the verification code sent to their device.

By registering in the Program, the customer accepts to occasionally receive promotional announcements on their mobile number.

Earning and Redeeming Policy

Customers are able to earn Reward Points each time they made purchases of products available at our retail stores, B.TECH Official Website or B.TECH Mobile Application, and our contact center 19966. Once Customers reach a certain number of Reward Points, Customers are eligible to redeem those accrued Points to purchase any of our Products displayed at B.TECH retail stores, B.TECH Official Website and B.TECH Mobile Application, and our contact center 19966 with no limits on the minimum number of points to be redeemed.

Accumulations and redemptions shall be stipulated in detail on B.TECH Official Website and B.TECH Mobile Application, our stores and contact center 19966.

Customers may redeem their accrued Reward Points to make a new purchase or –in case the value of Reward Points is lower than the value of purchase- to deduct the monetary value off their bill.

Customers agree and understand that accumulation on the Redeemed value is not allowed and that redemption can only occur once.

Rewards Points earned through the Program have no cash value and are non-transferable, in addition, that purchased Products can be neither returned nor refunded.

Collected Reward Points shall expire 24 months from their earning date. To that end, Customers will receive an SMS reminding them of the approach of their Reward Points expiry date.

B.TECH reserves the right to deny or revoke the crediting of accrued Points to Customer at any time if B.TECH has a reason to believe that Reward Points have been improperly obtained or erroneously credited to Customer.

B.TECH reserves the right to terminate or suspend the registration of the Customer due to the breach of the present T&C.

Each time Customer makes a purchase at B.TECH retail stores, B.TECH Official Website, or B.TECH Mobile Application, or through contact center 19966, Customer will receive an SMS on his mobile number stating Customer points Balance, allowing Customer to easily tack their Points Balance at B.TECH.

Representations and Warranties

B.TECH reserves the right, at its sole discretionary power, at any time, and without any liability towards Customers to:

  1. Cancel, suspend, change, update the Program, or any of its features.
  2. Deny, terminate, suspend, or revoke Customer's registration in the Program.
  3. Modify the policy of earning and redeeming Points even if such modification will result in the reduction of the monetary value of the Reward Points already earned by Customers.

B.TECH is not responsible for any of the products or services, or the quality of the products and services provided by the merchants, service providers participating in the Program. Any complaint must be addressed to the responsible merchant or service provider, respectively.

B.TECH will not be liable for any indirect, special, punitive, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind (including lost profits) related to the Program and/or Customers participation therein.

B.TECH makes no representations, express or implied, in connection with the present T&C, the Program or Reward Points associated with the Program, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, or fitness for a particular purpose.

(23) Privacy Policy

The personal information collected from you in connection with the Program, including but not limited to, purchases made in connection with the Program, will be used and disclosed by B.TECH in accordance with B.TECH Privacy Policy.