Shop now, pay later
with Miniсash

A flexible way to purchase instantly & pay overtime in easy, fixed monthly payments.

Pay later shopping
Minicash is the smooothest & easiest way to get what you want today, and pay over time.
0% interest fee
We have a huge catalogue and all year deals with zero interest installments
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Up to 36 month plans
Flexible payment plans from 3 to 36 months, tailored to you.
Quick decision
It usually takes from 1 to 5 days to get your Minicash request form processed.
Constant credit limit
Get your credit limit once. Use it for your future purchases. No need to apply again

Getting started is easy as pie


Shop online in app or in-store


Select Minicash among payment options


Proceed with an installment request


Repay in 30 days

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Shop your favorite products

Manage all your payments


Access the latest deals

Repay online

Repay at your convinience


Make payment through B.TECH website or mobile app Go to my account

B.TECH stores

Make cash or credit card payment at any B.TECH storeFind a nearby store

Fawry outlets

Find a nearest branch among 1500+ across Egypt Find Fawry outlets

Shop now. Treat yourself with Minicash

We accept a wide range of payment cards on B.TECH's online channels (MasterCard, Visa, and soon Meeza). You can also pay in cash through Fawry outlets or any of our retail stores.

B.TECH offers a variety of payment options through Fawry, B.TECH online channels & retail stores.

B.TECH online channels include and B.TECH apps on Android & iOS. Go to My account to view, track, and pay all your installments online.

Fawry outlets across Egypt are also another easy way to pay the installments. You simply state that you're paying a B.TECH installment and specify the serial number to process your payment!

If you're nearby any of our stores across Egypt, you can go to our Minicash counters, and our agents will process the cash or card payment for you in no time.

Failing to pay your installments on time will automatically start adding a charge equivalent to 2% (with a minimum of 30 LE) of the amount of your monthly installment. This process starts 10 days after the due date. Further payment delays that reach 3 consecutive months allow B.TECH to use the contractual agreement's payment terms & conditions. You can use B.TECH online to track your payments, plan timeline, and receive due date reminders!.