Tank Under Sink Filter, 7 Stages RO Pure

Tank Under Sink Filter, 7 Stages RO Pure

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Tank Under Sink Filter, 7 Stages RO Pure

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  • 7 Stage RO Filter with MicroShield Technology
  • Up To 300 Liters Per Day
  • A Final Stage The Water Is Energized With Oxygen
  • Replacement Cartridges

Features we like

Enjoy healthy life to all your family with Tank RO7, Tank filter RO7 works with a purifying system through 7 stages, and it fits perfectly under your tub allows you a clean surface without any mess. Tank cartridge, The core of purity!, Tank cartridge is the secret behind the high quality of Tank filters which is offered with them. It is made of the highest and most pure materials that ensure a dependable and guaranteed filtration cycles. A full seven steps of purification offer you pure water that is free from: Impurities, Sand, Rust, chlorine, odor, excess salts, viruses, heavy metals, organic chemicals, fertilizers and soluble colors.

First cartridge PP: The only cartridge in Egypt that is approved by NSF foundation, its pores are 5 microns to purify the water from all the impurities, rust, sand, dust and insects.

Second Cartridge GAC: Made of the finest types of coconut charcoal, which ensures the highest purification of chlorine, taste, odor and organic substances.

Third cartridge CTO: Ensures the highest level of purification of chlorine, color, taste, odor and organic substances.

Forth cartridge Membrane: The high quality "DOW" which removes the excess salts from the water with up to more than 1000 TDS.

Fifth cartridge (flow filter): The highest degree of water purification for a filter made of carbon coconut which enhances the removal of taste and smell.

Sixth cartridge (Klacid): this cartridge is made of high-quality Klacid to balance the PH minerals.

Seventh cartridge: the cartridge contains granules that increase the oxygen ratio in the water which improves blood circulation.

Accommodates up to 300 liters per day


Why you should buy a water filter, and do you really need one?

- Water is vital in our lives! But as we all know the percentage of geological and environmental pollution increases day by day and that’s why it's not completely safe to drink the tap water like before because the added Chlorine is not enough for treating the water properly to remove a different kind of contaminants. In order to guarantee healthy water for you and your family, you have to get a water filter that offers you a natural and safe drinking water anytime.

How to know that water is contaminated or not natural?

- Water's taste is salty or different than the usual.

- Natural water has no odor, so you can consider any smell as a clear sign of contamination.

- Finding any impurities, sediments, or sand.

- The presence of any color in the water even with the first descent of the tap "Chlorine doesn't change the watercolor to white by the way!"

- Different layers of colors in the water is an evidence of chemical mixing.

These are the clear noticeable signs to know whether the water is contaminated or not!

What is the difference between the filtered water and the mineral water?
- Mineral water is being filled from the underground wells and it is a healthy water as long as it's from the wells, and the production lines are clean and being maintained periodically. Also, the quality of storage at the outlets is very important to prevent any interaction between the plastic and water in case of exposing the bottles to the sun heat directly. The water treated by water filters passes by several stages of purifications includes purifying the water from viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, impurities, dust, insects, and the organic and biological materials. In addition to the treatment stage that maintaining the necessary percentage of salts and minerals that are useful for the human body.
What is the difference between the normal water filters and the filters with RO system?
- The filters with RO system uses the "REVERSE OSMOSIS" feature through the "membrane" in one of the water filter stages which is considered one of the powerful and effective means used in purifying the water and getting rid of harmful and heavy salts while keeping the percentage that the human body needs. And that's by using the power of Compression in addition to the filter that contains semi-permeable membrane, and to ensure a successful "reverse osmosis" process there has to be a balance between the compression ratios and the membrane which is a basic condition for the membrane safety.

Is the water filters with the Reverse Osmosis feature beneficial or harmful?
- Reverse Osmosis! What does it mean? Simply it is the passage of water through a filter made of a semi-permeable membrane that contains very small pores to ensure that water passes with high purity and without any effect on mineral salts or the water's taste. Which means that this is the optimal process for purifying and treating water, therefore it's very beneficial.
What are the advantages of the Tank water filter RO, 7 stages?
- The water filter has been tested at the factory and is ready for the instant installation which means you are going to offer a safe and natural water for you and your family shortly.
- Manual that shows you how to preserve the filter and the cartridges to ensure an easy and safe usage.
- One filter with 7 stages of purification in addition to a strong pump to provide you with pure water anytime and effortlessly in your home.
How to install or operate Tank 7 stages water filter?
- The filter is fully assembled and can be disassembled or installed easily, Tank Company provides you with a specialist who will install the device and explain to you how it works in details.


Brand Tank
Cooling No
Electrical Filter No
Filter Capacity in Litre 300
Cartridge Type Removable
Stages 7

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