Qubino Flush 1D Smart Relay, Blue - ZMNHND1

Qubino Flush 1D Smart Relay, Blue - ZMNHND1

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Qubino Flush 1D Smart Relay, Blue - ZMNHND1

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Product overview

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Smart relay

Key Features

- 1 channel voltage-free switch module (up to 10 Amps)

- Power monitoring and reporting

- Works with (110-230V AC or 24-30V DC)

- Requires 3-wire (neutral wire) installation

- Security enabled Z-Wave encryption

- Works with Z-Wave controllers


110 - 240V, 50Hz or 24 - 30V DC

Maximum Load

- 2300W (10A resistive @230V AC)

- 240W (10A resistive @24 DC)


Single relay contact

Operating Range

Up to 50m (outdoors) and 30m (indoors)





Features we like

Enhanced Convenience

  • Whether you're on the way back home or simply want to check if your garage or gate is securely closed, the Qubino Flush 1D Relay puts you in control. With remote access, you can conveniently open and close your garage doors and gates from anywhere, ensuring the safety of your property and loved ones.
  • Never again will you have to wonder if you left your garage or gate open. The Flush 1D Relay allows you to stay connected and in control with every device in your home, even when you're away. With a simple tap on your smartphone or tablet, you can quickly and securely operate your doors, gates, devices, heaters and whatsoever, providing you with peace of mind wherever you are.

Energy Efficiency

  • The Flush 1D Relay is not just about convenience; it's also about optimizing energy usage.
  • Imagine being able to turn your water heater on or off, adjust temperature settings, or schedule heating cycles, all from your smartphone. This level of control allows you to optimize energy consumption and ensure hot water is readily available when you need it.

Secure Your Home with Confidence

  • When it comes to the safety and security of your home, peace of mind is priceless. The Qubino Flush 1D Relay is not only a convenient device but also a powerful ally in ensuring your home's safety.
  • By wirelessly controlling your garage doors and gates, you can ensure that they are closed and secured, even when you're away from home. With a quick glance at your smartphone or device, you can verify their status and take appropriate action if needed.
  • From securely controlling garage doors and gates to remotely monitoring entrance doors and managing gas water heaters, the Qubino Flush 1D Relay empowers you to protect your home and loved ones.


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Brand Qubino
Model Name ZMNHND1
Wireless LAN No
Dimensions 42 x 37 x 17mm (LxWxH)


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