Philips Air Fryer, 4.1 Liters, Black - HD9252-91

Philips Air Fryer, 4.1 Liters, Black - HD9252-91

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Philips Air Fryer, 4.1 Liters, Black - HD9252-91

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Product overview

About product




Air Fryer


4.1 Liters

Key Features

• Automatic shut-off

• Cool wall exterior

• Dishwasher safe

• On/off switch

• Ready signal

• Temperature control

• Power-on light

• Quickclean

• Patented Rapid Air

• Time control

• Touch screen with 7 presets


1400 Watt



Model no.


Features we like

Rapid Air technology

  • Philips HD9252-91 airfryer uses Rapid Air technology to spread hot air to cook, fry, grill or roast your food with little or no oil at all.
  • In addition, Philips airfryer with its perfect design guarantees 90% less fat to pave the way to a healthy lifestyle.

Full Control of Temperature and Time

  • You are always in control with Philips, so easily adjust time and temperature with a single touch.
  • All you need to do is to fill the pan with food, insert the pan into the chamber, then adjust your program the way you need.

A Multifunctional Airfryer

  • Unlike traditional airfryers, Philips HD9252-91 is made to do a lot.
  • Amazingly, it can fry, grill, roast, toast, defrost, reheat, and dehydrate with ease, without any hassle.
  • Use Philips airfryer all day and don't worry about the energy consumption. Incredibly, It uses 70% less energy.

Effortless Cleaning

  • To facilitate cleaning, the basket and the drawer can be cleaned directly inside the dishwasher. Of course, they are designed to be dishwasher-safe.


Brand Philips
Model Name HD9252/91
Fryer Type Air Fryer
Color Black
Wattage 1400 watt
Capacity 4.1 Liters
Fryer Capacity 4.1 - 5 L
Timer Electronic
Wattage 1000 - 1500

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04 March 2024
by Amateur Cook
Philips Owns the Patent
I googled "the best air fryers" and read countless reviews touting different makes and models. When I read that Philips had the patent I decided to go to the source. No regrets. I didn't want a huge one and the one I bought is perfect for two people.
Written by customer
26 June 2023
by Angela
Great product cooks foods evenly always done to perfection took me along time to get on the air fryer bandwagon but I’m so glad I did
Written by customer
01 April 2022
by Tmpreston77
Works Well
I have used my air fryer a lot since I got it. I spray a little bit of cooking spray on my food and bam, perfect. If I'm feeling lazy, I line it with aluminum foil for easy clean up. I don't change my temperature much but there are preset buttons if you want to go that route.
Written by customer
24 January 2024
by Roma6566
Lose the fat!
I did not think I would use the air fryer as often as I am now. I am amazed how much fat remains in the fryer pan after "frying" meats, without sacrificing texture and juiciness. The Philips kitchen+ App is easy to navigate and offers helpful recipes tailored to my tastes.
Written by customer
01 April 2022
by OrlandoMama
Great Air Fryer
The Philips essential airfryer is great. It is a compact fryer and doesn’t take much space on the counter. The dry basket is thick and not flimsy. The directions were super easy to setup and use. I use the fryer a lot for the kids food. It takes about 14 minutes for fries and nuggets.
Written by customer
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