MiniCash Carnival

MiniCash Carnival Terms & Conditions

Pay later in flexible monthly installment plans.


The terms incorporated herein, in conjunction with the Client Terms of Use stipulated on our Marketplace, collectively (“MiniCash Terms”) shall govern the use of the MiniCash Carnival.

Except as expressly set-forth herein, the MiniCash Carnival shall be subject to the generality of the Terms of Use as stipulated on our Marketplace.

To benefit from the MiniCash Carnival, you have to be registered as a User on our Marketplace.

When applying for the Minicash Carnival, you (an “Applicant”) will be deemed to have read, understood and accept to be bound thereby. Moreover, you accept that the MiniCash Terms shall constitute a binding agreement between you and BTECH.

In order to apply for the MiniCash Carnival, you will be required to provide BTECH with your personal information and information regarding your credit status. Further you will be required to provide BTECH, upon its request, with all documents attesting your identity and/or verifying your credit status.

You hereby warrant and represent that all the information submitted to BTECH shall be accurate, complete, and updated, and that you shall promptly notify BTECH upon the occurrence of any event rendering such information untrue or outdated.

Further, you hereby undertake to indemnify BTECH against all damages, losses, costs and expenses incurred in connection with your submission of any false, incomplete, inaccurate or outdated information.


You understand that BTECH shall reserve the right to accept or reject your application, at its sole discretionary power, without any liability before you. However, the acceptance or rejection decision will be communicated to you via SMS on the mobile number registered with us.

Late Payments:

Applicant hereby represents and warrants to pay the monthly installments upon their payment date without any delay.

In the event the Applicant delayed or failed to pay their installment at its due date, BTECH shall be entitled to charge the Applicant with late penalty fees equivalent to 6% (Min. 60 LE) of the amount of the Applicant's monthly installment, and failure to pay two consecutive months may lead to a legal claim. This process starts 5 days after the due date.

Should the Applicant delays in the payment of monthly installments for 2 consecutive months (or for more than 60 days), BTECH shall have the right to pursue legal action against the Applicant and/or take all measures granted to it pursuant to the Applicable Law to collect the overdue installments.

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Offer is applied on all of our products

Offer is applied based on installment duration as follows:

- 5% off for 24 months installments

- 10% off for 36 months installments

- 15% off for 48 months installments

You will be paying your first installment after 30 days from purchasing date (1 month)

Offer provides you with instant discount for all your ongoing orders

Offer is valid for all B.TECH customers, new or existing.

There are no restrictions for minimum purchase amount, you can enjoy the offer for all products.

Offer is available from 1/10/2021 to 31/10/2021

Only opening a new minicrash account fees, EGP 150 will be applied after your first order.

Down payment is not required

You can enjoy any offer as long as you still have available credit limit

You can purchase as many products as you would like, as long as your credit limit fits

In case of stock unavailability, you have two options:

- Wait for product to be restocked.

- Choose another available product while enjoying the same offer

Offer will be available on all company sales Channels ( Branches & Online & call center ).