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Mienta Caprice Microwave, 20 Liter, 700 Watt, Black - MW32417A

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• السعة 20 لتر • 700 واط • خاصية إزالة التجميد • تايمر لمدة تصل إلي 35 دقيقة • صينية زجاجية دوارة بقطر 255 ملم وداعا للتفكير في كيفية طهي الطعام أو كيفية إزالة تجميد الطعام، وده عشان ميكروويف ميانتا كابريس بيتميز ببرامج للطهي الذاتي والتذويب الذاتي. فكل اللي عليك هو الضغط بأصبعك على الزر لإعداد وجبه طعام شهية ذات مذاق رائع. ويساعد الميكروويف ده في تحضير العشاء بشكل أسرع مع الحفاظ على المذاق الرائع. كمان مع الميكروويف ده هتقدر تحضر الخبز والزبادي في أقصر وقت ممكن مع سهولة الاستخدام وإمكانية التنظيف بسهولة أكبر.

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About the product

  • 20 Liter Capacity
  • 700 Watt
  • Defrost Function
  • 35 Minutes Timer
  • 255 mm Diameter Glass Rotating Table

Take the guesswork out of cooking or defrosting food With Mienta microwave oven has cooked and auto-defrost programs. You hardly need to lift a finger to create a delicious meal. The microwave helps in preparing dinner faster without compromising great taste. Make bread and yogurt in the shortest possible time with Ease of use and the possibility of cleaning more easily.

Product Specifications

Product Details

Short Description
Mienta Caprice Microwave, 20 Liter, 700 Watt, Black - MW32417A
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Number of Warranty Years

General Specification

20 Litre
1100 Watt
Door Opening System
Pull Open

Technical Specification

Microwave Type
Number of Power Steps
Touch Control
With Grill
Defrost Function
Start Delay Option

Design Specification

Width in mm
40 cm

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Features We Love

20 Liters Capacity, This 20-litres microwave a good size for a busy household – it’ll make the perfect companion to the main kitchen microwave. It allows you extra flexibility at mealtimes to cook or heat food quickly and easily. The turntable will comfortably hold a standard sized dinner plate, so you’ll also be able to reheat your dinner in no time on those nights when you’re late home from work.
Defrost Function, you will be able to heat and defrost any food you want without worrying about them at all. Turn your food from frozen to fresh in minutes with Mienta Microwave Oven, grill your food and prepare tasty and healthy meals simply and quickly.
Easy To Use, This microwave oven looks subtle yet sophisticated in an enigmatic black finish that will blend with any home decor. Operating it is also very simple with all the functions incorporated into an easy to use the panel. This oven can be easily shifted and handled to suit your needs.
Cook Options and Sleek Controls, this multi-use microwave has dedicated settings for all your favorite foods. You can use these settings for your frozen food, fresh vegetables and more. More advantages include a timer that lets you set cooking and reheating times.