How does it work?

Earn points automatically for every purchase you make. No registration required!


Earn points on any product you buy through the call center, website, app, or any of our stores. 


Spend those points towards buying any product you like.


Enjoy exclusive benefits when you upgrade to a higher tier

Earn & Redeem anywhere

You can earn and spend your points through 



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Mobile app

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Call center

Call 19996

Shop more, Earn more

Earn double the points on B.TECH brands & upgrade faster to Platinum 



Starts at 15,000 + LE

Earn Platinum status when your purchases exceed 15,000 LE


Starts at 10,000 + LE

Earn Gold Status when the value of your purchases are between 10,000 and 15,000 LE


Starts at 4000 + LE

Earn Silver status when the value of your purchases are between 4000 and10,000 LE


Up to 4000 LE

If you spend any amount up to 4000 LE



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Program overview

The Loyalty Reward Program, offered by B.TECH, allows Customers to benefit from discounts and free products offered by B.TECH based on their Reward Points Balance.

You can use the rewards for any type of product or brand inside B.TECH.

You can join now on (Online) by creating an account. You can also join myB.TECH program by visiting any of our stores or calling 19966.

Points accumulation

You can get points on qualifying purchases made in the following locations: B.TECH stores,, B.TECH application, and B.TECH contact center 19966.

You begin getting points for qualifying purchases as soon as you join the program. They become usable as soon as the purchase is submitted.

You'll get 2 points per one EGP you spend at B.TECH on any of its channels whether paying cash, Minicash, or by Visa, Simply present your phone number recorded on your account during purchase if you already have an account, or create one if you don’t have.

For most eligible purchases, your points will post to your account on the spot after the payments are submitted online or the delivery date for shipping you.

Simply purchase through your online account and the points will appear right after the purchase is made successfully.

Calculations and validity

Simply contact 19966

You can't use your current points and gain on them like if you have 1000 points and you redeemed them on a product with value 5000 EGP you can't accumulate points on the 5000 as one action only can be made.

Points are valid for 2 years from the date of getting it.


You get rewarded loyalty points for every purchase you make at B.TECH. You can use the points to buy more products

You can redeem your points through any purchase you make online, in store or through our call center 19966.