Kiriazi Freestanding Refrigerator, 2 Doors, 25 FT, Black - KH625

  • 10 Years warranty

Kiriazi Freestanding Refrigerator, 2 Doors, 25 FT, Black - KH625

  • 10 Years warranty
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    About the product

    The Kiriazi KH625 Refrigerator comes in a sleek black color. The KH625 has an efficient A energy rating. It also has a 3 Carbon filters to remove bad odor from inside the refrigerator. It also has the added benefit of adjustable shelves. The Kiriazi KH625 comes with a Memory to save the operating mode so you can easily adjust any mode you need.

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    Product Specifications

    Product Details

    Number of Warranty Years 10
    Brand Kiriazi
    Fit Type Free Standing
    Capacity 25 Feet
    Net Capacity Total Device in Litres 625
    Color Black
    Number of Doors 2
    Shelves Material Glass
    Display Yes
    Frost Type No Frost
    Freezer Position Top
    Height in mm 186 cm
    Width in mm 84 cm
    Depth in mm 81 cm
    • Strong Door Handles
    • Glass Shelves Thermally Treated For Increasing Load Capacity
    • A Special Drawer To Make Ice Cubes In Freezer
    • Digital Screen Shows The Actual Cooling Temperature Inside The Refrigerator And Freezer
    • Separate Keys To Control The Degree Of Cooling Cab And Freezer Separately
    • Rapid Cooling Property QUICK FREEZE In The Freezer Up To -27 Celsius
    • Automatic Alarm In Case Of Leaving The Cabinet Or Freezer Door Opened For More Than Two Minutes
    • And You Can Control This Property Through The Digital Display
    • 3 Carbon Filters To Remove Bad Odor From Inside The Refrigerator
    • Energy Save Motor Provides Up To 30% Of The Energy Consumed
    • Energy Consumed 2.5 Kilowatts. Hours / 24 Hours
    • Higher Efficiency And Less Consumption Of Electricity Class(A)
    • The Streamlined Design Of The Refrigerator, Which Gives A Touch Of Splendor And Elegance Look
    • Automatic Adjustment Of Cooling Inside The Cabinet According To Ambient Temperature
    • 4-Wheel Down The Refrigerator For Ease Of Movement
    • Highest Degree Of Cold Where The Freezer Starts From -14 Celsius And Up To -24 Celsius
    • Memory To Save The Operating Mode
    • Full Electronic Control Of All Refrigerator Functions
    • Thick Insulation Layer Surrounding The Refrigerator Compartments Which Keeps The Cooling Inside Without Loss
    • Group Of Ultra-Violet Bulbs Directed To Vegetable Drawers For Sterilization And Longer Reservation For Vegetables
    • The Possibility Of Controlling The Cooling Inside The Vegetable Drawers Through A Top Sliding Opening Which Is Opened And Closed As Desired
    • Multi Air Flow
    • Child Lock