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Kenwood Titanium Major Kitchen Machine, 6.7 Litres, 1500 Watt- KMM06070

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<p>Kenwood Titanium Major Kitchen Machine, 6.7 Litres, 1500 Watt- KMM06070</p>

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About the product

If cooking is your passion, this kitchen machine will give you the freedom and the means to express it.  The Kenwood Titanium Major KMM060 offers all the features and benefits of the Kenwood Chef but gives you more capacity to create bigger portion meals, cakes, and desserts for larger families. It's the Kenwood's most versatile kitchen machine and designed for an excellent cook who wants a high-performance kitchen machine with the power and flexibility to help them create more. With your Titanium Major KMM06070, you’ll feel more inspired and creative than ever, confident to master new tasks.

Product Specifications

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Food Preparation Type
Kitchen Machine

Technical Specification

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Chopper Included
Food Processor Attachment
Meat Mincer Attachment

Features We Love

High Quality, The Kenwood Titanium Major KMM060 can be used with an array of optional attachments to cater for every task. Put it to work chopping, grating, slicing, whisking, kneading, mincing, mixing, grinding, milling, blending or squeezing. Fast, gentle, tough and capable, it’s a true professional. And exciting to use.
Total Mixing Action, Instead of following the routine circular motion used by most mixers, our total mixing action thoroughly combines every ingredient inside the bowl, including all the mix that would otherwise stick to the sides and the base. A test of
Design For Life, All Kenwood Titanium Major kitchen machines are designed to give lasting service, day in, day out and cope easily with family-sized meals and dishes. The all metal body, control dial and head lift lever, and high-grade stainless steel bowl tools give strength and durability, and the powerful, geared motor enables you to run a wide range of slow, medium and high-speed attachments. Low Speed Outlet, You will find this behind the removable cover at the front of the kitchen machine. Use this outlet to run the high-quality pasta roller, shape and cutters, food mincer, rotary slicer/grater, grinding mill and fruit press.
Medium Speed Outlet, The medium speed outlet is unique to the Kenwood Titanium Chef and Major and the Cooking Chef. You'll find it in the center on top of the head of the machine and is used to run the versatile food processor attachment. High-Speed Outlet, This outlet is located at the back of the head of the machine and uses the maximum amount of wattage to drive the high-speed attachments. Use this outlet to run our blender, compact chopper/grinder, continuous slicer/grater, juice extractor and citrus juicer.
Automatic Electronic Speed Control, The automatic electronic speed control with pulse maintains speed and power regardless of load. Simple "Pop-Up" Head Lift, Simple "pop-up" head lift for quick and easy tool change and bowl removal.