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Kenwood Chef XL Stand Mixer, 1200 Watt, White - KVL4100

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About the product

  • 1200 Watt
  • 6.7 Liter Bowl Capacity
  • Variable Speed + Pulse Function
  • High-Speed Outlet
  • Slow Speed Attachment Outlet

Bring great tasting food to the table with this reliable stand mixer. Designed to make light work of food preparation, this product will help you to create an array of dishes with ease.

Product Specifications

Product Details

Number of Warranty Years

General Specification

Bowl Material

Technical Specification

Volume of Bowl in Litres
Detachable Foot for Hand Blender
Mixer Unit in Hand Blender


Liquidiser Attachment
Potato Masher in Handblender Included
Chopper Included
Food Processor Attachment
Juicer Attachment
Other Attachments
  • Major Sized Creaming Beater
  • Aluminium Dough Hook - Xl
  • Major Sized Stainless Steel K-Beater
  • Aluminum Whisk – Xl
  • Splashguard
  • Grey Spatula

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Features We Love

Dedicated Bowl Tools, Whether you’re using the K-Beater to make tasty biscuits, the whisk to whip up the thickest cream or the dough hook to knead dough for homemade pizza, the accompanying bowl tools enable you to make delicious food with confidence.
A World Of Possibilities, There are over 20 attachments available, so whether you want to create homemade salsa, blend healthy smoothies and soups, mince your own meat, or cut pasta shapes, the Kenwood Chef XL will assist you in producing a variety of culinary delights.
Generous Bowl Capacity, 6.7L bowl for all your kneading, whisking and mixing requirements. Bowl Tools, High quality K-Beater, creaming beater, whisk and dough hook so you can create a range of food with ease.
Performance, 1200W motor gives you the power you need to create great results. The Speed You Need, Variable speed with pulse allows you to tailor the speed to your requirement, helping you to achieve better results.
Major Sized Creaming Beater, The innovative plastic body and removable wiper of the Major-sized Flexi Beater stand mixer attachment makes for a fast working tool that's perfect for the most delicate cake mixes and toppings. Its pliable wings work around the sides of the bowl to ensure an even consistency throughout the mix. It is also heat resistant to work with the Cooking Chef and comes with two wipers so it can be used for sweet or savoury.
Aluminium Dough Hook – XL, The sturdy dough hook can knead all types of dough, from pizza to pasta, for a buttery brioche or a crusty loaf. It distributes yeast evenly throughout your dough, stretching the flour’s gluten to get maximum rise.
Major Sized Stainless Steel K-Beater, Unlike many other beater designs, your K Beater will reach all areas of the bowl to achieve a superior mix. Use it to create amazing cakes, spicy meat balls, pasta dough, mashed potato, biscuit mixes and pastry.
Aluminium Whisk – XL, The whisk will create mountainous peaks, whip up the thickest cream and evenly mix a batter for the perfect rise. Its balloon shape helps to build maximum volume into the mix to give a light, fluffy texture every time.