Fibaro Smart Wall Plug, White - FGWPE-102

Fibaro Smart Wall Plug, White - FGWPE-102

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Fibaro Smart Wall Plug, White - FGWPE-102

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Product overview

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Smart wall plug

Key Features

• Current and historical power consumption measuring.

• Power consumption level visualization

• Color coded power usage.

• Remote controlling via mobile app.

Power Supply

110 – 230 V AC ±10% 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

Up to 0.8W

Output power for Resistive Loads

2.5 kW

Circuit Temperature Limit


Operation Temperature

0 – 40 °C

Radio Protocol

Z-Wave Plus

Antenna Range

• Up to 50 meters outdoors.

• Up to 40 meters indoors (depending on building materials).



Model Number


Features we like

Unusual Smart Plug Made for You

  • FIBARO introduces the FGWPE-102 wall plug that really delivers the maximum convenience and safety you need.
  • It meets all your needs since it monitors energy, measures power consumption, and of course provides protection against overvoltage With FIBARO smart plug, you are safe.

A Smart Color-coded Power Usage

  • Fibaro FGWPE-102 plug comes with mesmerizing crystal LED ring that dynamically shifts its color in response to the power consumption of your connected device.
  • The more you plug in an appliance with high wattage, the warmer the LED colors become.

Seamless Control Through Your Smartphone

  • Easily, use the mobile app to control your FIBARO Plug while you are on-the-go, so you can switch devices on/off and even monitor their operation.
  • This really delivers advanced convenience and peace of mind. Your home is safe and so are your appliances!

Smart Alerts All The Time

  • Experience peace of mind with this smart plug as it immediately sends mobile app notifications if a device has a sudden voltage drop.
  • For convenience, you have complete control over the device and can effortlessly turn it off with a simple touch.

Ensuring Family Safety

  • With the FIBARO Wall Plug, safety is prioritized at every step. Accidental contact with electricity is virtually impossible when using this device.
  • It's equipped with a specially designed cap that ensures children are kept safe from any harm.


Brand Fibaro
Model Name FGWPE102
Dimensions 43 x 65 mm


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