Fibaro Starter Kit - 6 Pieces

Fibaro Starter Kit - 6 Pieces

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Fibaro Starter Kit - 6 Pieces Fibaro Starter Kit - 6 Pieces
Fibaro Starter Kit - 6 Pieces

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Product overview

About product

  • Brand: Fibaro
  • Type: Starter kit
  • Kit Includes: Fibaro Home Center Lite Controller, Motion Sensor, Smoke Sensor, Flood Sensor, Door and Window Sensor, Smart Wall Plug
  • Type of Use: Indoor
  • Power Supply: Combination of batteries and wires

Features we like

Home Center Lite

  • Home Center Lite controller is the main device in this kit to which all other devices are connected.
  • It delivers automation programming for your Fibaro connected devices and allows you to manage the settings and statistics of all Fibaro devices.

Motion Sensor

  • This amazing sensor is made with craft to detect motion and measure the temperature of the room.
  • It also gives light to indicate the level of heat in a specific room.
  • Motion Sensor is perfect for protection from robbery as it sends immediate notifications if any motion is detected.

Smoke Sensor

  • This compact device gives elegance to your home furniture when you fit it anywhere.
  • It is a smoke sensor and a fire alarm at the same time because it gives a warning sound when detecting smoke or fire.
  • Also, it features a light indicator and temperature sensor to measure the heat in the room.
  • It is perfect for security and protects your family all the time.

Flood Sensor

  • The Flood Sensor is a smart device to detect any kind of water leak.
  • It has a small design that fits anywhere around the house.
  • Also, this smart sensor notifies you if damage or tampering occur.

Door / Window Sensor

  • The Door/window sensor is a small compact sensor that is compatible with many places to detect opening /closing motions.
  • It is compatible with roof windows, main doors, garage doors, windows, doors and safety gates.
  • For extra convenience, it reminds you to close windows in situations such as raining or when you leave home quickly.
  • The device provides protection from tampering and damage since it sends a notification to your smartphone if any unexpected damage happens.

Fibaro Wall Plug

  • The smallest device that Fibaro introduced is the wall plug. It is not an ordinary plug, but it is a smart one that measures the electric load of the device connected to it.
  • It also features a crystal LED ring that changes color according to the amount of power load.
  • The plug can be controlled remotely to be switched on/off through your smartphone.


Brand Fibaro


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