Do you like to be good at just about everything? Stretch yourself to the maximum at your job, own every intense workout till you drop in sweat and feel the overwhelming rush of adrenaline but also enjoy the soothing effect of your household chores? But it can be difficult at times to keep your energy level with a fast pace and a pressuring need to multitask.

Feel no shame in wanting everything to be just right and stop yourself from even temporary energy drains.

Energize at all times (work, home, gym) with your music and set your mood right. Choose the best headphones, click play and get tons of things done!

This article will brief you on 4 different headphones to help you choose the right set

  • IKU Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphone, Gold – CH25
  • Apple Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Silver & Rose Gold
  • HP H2800 Stereo Headset- J9C30AA
  • Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones


IKU Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphone, Gold – CH25

IKU Headphones online

Set yourself free with wireless headphones without being overwhelmed with tons of features. IKU’s feature-light headphones are wireless, stylish and comfortable.

Powerful Bluetooth and Battery
IKU’s headphones have built-in mic allow you to take calls everywhere. Keep it light and worry not about carrying your mobile or electronic device and get distance coverage up to 10 meters.

Dance to the beat of your songs without wire inconveniences or disconnection from your phone up to 4 hours.

Flexible Design

IKU Headphone Flexible Design

IKU’s headphones have a golden metallic finish which makes it suitable for every outdoor setting. Its trendy color is classy for outings, fitting for work and cool for the gym.

Noise Shield

IKU Headphone Noise Shield

Enjoy your calls and favorite tracks without noise interruptions. Comfort cushions placed over the ear cups buffer all the noise from your surroundings.

Listen to your favorite tracks without hurting your ears. They are comfortable.

For online purchases and to read more, click on IKU Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones.

Apple Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Apple Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones Online

Apple’s Beats give you everything you need, long life, fast charge, incredible music, comfort, portability and cool design. Choose the style that fits you and enjoy every feature as each a special one.

Maximize your enjoyment
Fill your life with enjoyment to an ultimate maximum! Elevate your music game and let those beats bring your personally favorite music to life! Ultra unique quality of fine tunes and highly unmatched. Extreme sound clarity, on-point balance, fine-quality you will truly and fully lose yourself in moving beats.

Beats many over battery life
Beats many headphones with an impressive score of 40 hours’ battery and fast charge. Superb if you are someone who is always on the go and easily get caught up. Charge your beats in only 5 minutes and get going with full 3 hours of enjoyment.

Compact and portable as it folded inwards to fit in your bag, occupying less space.

Prioritize your comfort
Focus easily with these Apple beats. Cushioned ear cups guarantee comfort and noise isolation.

Experience less irritation or ear pain as this on-ear style reduces overheating. Adjustable ear cups to fit on your head naturally and effortlessly.

Beats’ on ear cushions minimize noise interferences allowing you to focus on whatever you are doing.

Express your style
Go uniquely monochromatic, create a harmony with silver headphones and let it join the family of your other apple devices. You are free to choose a youthful, warm and fancy touch, you can purchase the flattering rose gold headphones.

You can buy Apple Beats Wireless On-Ear Headphones online at B.TECH. Click on Silver Beats or Rose Gold Beats

HP H2800 Stereo Headset, Blue- J9C30AA

HP H2800 Stereo Headset

Joyful times seem to fly while boring ones seemingly drag on forever. What if you can have the ability to take control of time? Wouldn’t you love to fast forward those endless airport que waits and long road trips?

Lose track of time with HP’s bold wired headset. You will fall in love with its comfort, portability and stereo sound quality. Take it everywhere busy and lose yourself in time.

Dare to be different!
Set yourself apart with this daring wired headset with an in-line microphone; while avoiding the annoyance of wires with a single no tangle flat cable hanging from the left ear.

Feel free to answer your phone calls without removing your headphones. No need to reach for your phone to use simple controls. Remotely adjust the volume louder, higher or mute it.

Space-saving and Storage Friendly
Storage friendly, so when you are on the go simply fold and wrap your headset. Easily packed, perfectly suits your travels and long journeys.

Loud and proud
Regardless of your choice of music genre, you should be able to enjoy your music as it should be. HP’s stereo headset produces pure loud sound and rich bass with fine tone quality.

Feels Good
Feel good with this lightweight headset with adjustable ear pads cushioned with soft leatherette. Customize to your fit with an adjustable rubber headband.

For online purchases and to read more, click on HP H2800 Stereo Headset.

Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones – Black

Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones Online

Not everything is about features and design! Comfort truly matters. With Samsung headphones give you the heavy essential features and light weight of wireless headphones. Enjoy long term easy wear noise reducing and easy portable headphones.

Your long-term companion
Good company for heavy users who need a pair that’s easy to wear and put to intensive use. Be sure of your comfort as it hangs flexibly around the neck with stabilizing ear gels for in-ear comfort.

Compact is alright!
Lightweight and secure fit design. Uniquely designed with magnetic clasps to store easily and close when not in use.

Noise reduction
Entertain your loved ones with your stories for hours as this headset has a dual noise reduction feature and no cable thump. Minimize sound interferences and feedback in your calls with Samsung’s special echo cancellation feature.

For online purchases and to read more, click on Samsung Wireless Headphones.