Life can sometimes get hectic in an unexpected way and distances us from our loved ones. If you are like many who travel frequently or tied up in countless commitments, you could be feeling guilty of not expressing your love to your mother as frequently as you should.  Seize this Mother’s day and make sure this year she receives a precious gift that truly speaks of the love in your heart. This article will help you find all kinds of gift ideas to shop for through BTECH at the comfort of your home. Because we know how busy you are you can browse online, place your order and we will deliver it to your doorstep.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Never let her feel she’s missing out on the latest technology trends
  2. Make her feel as beautiful as you see her!
  3. If she is a kitchen diva discover appliances that will impress her!

1. Never let her feel she’s missing out on the latest technology trends

There’s no reason why our mothers should be left out of the latest social media and smartphone trends! Never let her feel or fear missing out!

Shop Mobiles and other Electronic devices

Engage her with the smartest technologies through BTECH’s mobile phone collection. Shop online from over 250 mobile devices and 19 brands, and entertain her with the coolest applications. We bring you even the bestselling brands like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, and Huawei.

If you want to make her feel extra special pair her new or existing phone with the trendiest and convenient mobile accessories. You can definitely pamper her with a fancy cover and a power bank. Keep her phone charged and stay connected at all times.

What if mum already has a smartphone? Your choices are still massive! Expand her electronic collection with a tablet. Let your sweetheart browse her favorite recipes and comfortably watch the latest episodes, talk shows, and other videos. Click here to shop for tablets

Don’t forget our mothers’ love to multi-task! Couple any device with a pair of earphones that prove to be handy. She can use it as she’s driving, picking up grocery, shopping and even taking calls.

We know how important this gift is whether it is for your mom, grandma or your mother in law. How can you make them feel celebrated and appreciated while still staying on budget?

Our exclusive MiniCash payments satisfy both your desire to complement them with luxurious gifts and payment flexibility. You can pay in cash, or break your payments in installments starting with 6 months up to 24 months for any electronic device! Click here to know more about MiniCash

2. Make her feel as beautiful as you see her!

Shop Personal Care Gifts

How many times have we had doubts but our mothers stayed with us through thick and thin? Mums have every power to bless us with more confidence, worthiness, and unconditional acceptance. Only if there was a way to pay them back!

Although there’s never an easy way to pay them back, this could be the best time to give them just hint of what they did to help them feel their beauty is timeless and infinite.

Browse our collection of personal care products to shop the best hair dryers, straighteners, and curlers as well as shaving tools.

You will grant her a new look and boost her self-esteem while breaking free from typical gifts. For the longest durability and excellent value for money, check out Philips, Braun, BaByliss, and Panasonic.

3. If she is a kitchen diva discover appliances that will impress her!

Shop Kitchen Appliances

You can never go wrong with kitchen appliances. Help her out even countries away with an oven, microwave, a chopper, blender, kitchen machine or a food processor. Think of how her heart is warmed every time she cooks, bakes or warms up a meal.

Help mum and your grandmother break free from unhealthy habits of using a lot of fats in meals. Introduce them to easy and healthier alternatives. Gift your dears with a rice cooker, an air fryer or a food steamer. By saving up on calories they can indulge in a sweet treat every now and then without stressing too much!

If mum’s like many who’s got a sweet tooth entertain her at the kitchen and delight her with creative treats and desserts. Surprise mum with a sandwich or a waffle maker! You can even go extravagantly with an unexpected chocolate fountain to dip fruits and marshmallows.

To shop our wide range of kitchen appliances, click here.


Don’t forget to compliment your BTECH gift with a card, sweet bouquet of flowers and go extra with a box of chocolate!