Now that Ramadan has finally arrived with its peaceful and welcoming spirit, we can’t help but recall our childhood memories, crowded and loud gatherings, and the hauntingly beautiful Maghreb Azan to break our long fast. That moment we arrange the table and exchange excitement eagerly waiting. The first thing that comes to mind is a fancy iftar table with my small or extended family. That feeling when we gather around the television with a full belly exchanging laughs and enjoying the first sip of that hot cup of minty fresh tea and our traditional middle eastern treats and dessert.
I wonder how much our Mothers, in-laws, sisters and our beloved ones sacrifice every bit of energy every day to see our smiles and hearts glow with every bite of their deliciously made with love iftar meal. While our beloved mothers can’t help but express this love and compassion what if we can simplify tedious and routine tasks like shredding, slicing, blending or kneading? I am sure they would more than welcome them.

You don’t have to go extra, almost every kitchen is already equipped with a kitchen machine or a food processor. If not, then you definitely need one! Click here to shop as it’s almost a staple in every kitchen now.
However; we hardly take advantage of what these appliances can do for us. Cut the cooking and baking time short this Ramadan by utilizing those accessories for your benefit. Here is a brief summary of the most common accessories and attachments that come with regular mixers, kitchen machines, and food processors. Use this personally or share it with your mothers, relatives, in-laws and their helpful husbands in the kitchen.

16 Common attachments and how best to use them


1. Chopper

Compact and handy to chop nuts to your preferred size. Get a handful of walnuts, almonds or pecans and chop them fine or coarse. Brilliant if you are decorating or filling dessert like Atayif and kunafa with nuts. Other than the dessert,  you can set the knife aside and let it assist you in chopping herbs, onions and garlic. You can also use the chopper if you are making bread crumbs for salad, meatballs or shredding some cheese for a saucy pasta.

2. Ice cream maker

As the summer is approaching nothing can compete with beating the heat better than a bowl of soft, different flavors and cold ice cream. Some kitchen machines come with ice cream maker attachments so you can make your homemade ice cream the way you like. Whether you want it too sweet or healthy this attachment only misses one thing, your best ice cream recipe!

3. Grinder

What sets apart a basic dish from one that everyone remembers and requests other than a touch of secretly fresh herbs? Sprinkle rich and flavorful herbs to your meals by grinding seeds such as cumin, pepper, coriander or dried chili pepper. Enjoy an irresistible aroma and infusion of complementary tastes in your meals. You can always buy readily ground spices but freshly ground spices are incomparable.

4. Meat Mincer

Entertain yourself and the family with healthy burgers, meatballs, and sausages. Kitchen machines come with several accessories for mincing meat and they will spare you the trip and lines to your meat vendor. Also, you can safely enjoy ground meat fully trusting its source and great taste, unlike many vendors that make it using parts you may not like.

5. Plastic blade

Looks similar to a regular blade but can have different usage. You can use it when you have a light and fluffy dough that you need to mix and knead only gently so you don’t lose any of its airiness.

6. Citrus Juicer

A basic juicer attachment to enjoy homemade fresh lemon, orange or grapefruit juice.

7. French fry disc

Provides you with uniformly and perfectly customized French fries. It evenly cuts your potatoes into thin or thick slices according to your preferences to get the crispy or tender bite you like.

8. Julienne disc

Give a different look to how you typically serve your fruits and vegetables with a julienne cut. This disc provides a unique cut transforming your fresh vegetables into uniquely thin and long slices.

9. Flat Beater

It’s a multi-usage beater to handle basics like sponge cakes, biscuit doughs, pastries, quick bread, or even to whip cream and mash potatoes.

10. Dough Hook

A specially designed hook to handle tough doughs that would otherwise take so much effort. You can rely on it to knead regular or yeast doughs as well as stubborn and heavy pastries

11. Balloon whisk

Use the famous and basic balloon whisk to add more air into your light mixtures such as egg whites, light cake mixtures, heavy cream, and frostings.

12. Shredder

Use the shredder disc to cut vegetables such as cabbage and carrots to tiny or chunky and crunchy pieces. It’s ideal for coleslaw and red cabbage salads.

13. Grater

Useful to grate cheese and vegetables.

14. Slicer

One of the most challenging things in sticking to a healthy diet plan is the amount of time and effort consumed to prepare salads or raw fruits and vegetables. The slicer attachment gives you an unparalleled advantage shaving your fruits and vegetables for a simple green salad or a vegetable sauté. It’s Incredibly practical and convenient for you, especially for large servings.

15. S-shaped blade

A standard attachment that comes with all processors and kitchen machines. It’s also called a knife blade, multi-purpose blade and Sabatier blade. It can be either metal or plastic; however; metal blades are more durable and handle tougher jobs. Your kind of usage determines the results. For example, if you are pulsing components then the blades mix and chop ingredients; while if it operates continuously on, they will blend and puree.

16. Blender

The most basic in every house to carry out simple blending tasks. Blend and make milkshakes, smoothies and iced beverages.