“You should have told me first” that’s what a mum always says when her son tells her his friends have arrived for dinner. Maybe you are one of these people who likes to be prepared, prepared before families’ gatherings, prepared before every day’s meals, prepared before last-minute dinner guests, or preparing all next week’s meals during weekends. If so, I would tell you that you are in a need for a deep freezer to store your food while preserving its freshness, texture and nutritional qualities. With summer arrival, I would highly recommend it, and when chicken goes on sale, believe me, you are a loser.

As you start digging for which deep freezer to buy, I will help you find the deep freezer that best matches your needs, your space, your budget, and your family.


Enjoy big food storage capacity with Ariston’s huge 260 liters 7 drawers. Its automatic NoFrost System prevents the build-up of ice, resulting in improved efficiency and longer life of your deep freezer. Its Quick Freeze feature restores the temperature to its preset value 40% faster in order to fully preserve the products’ freshness. With multiple cooling air vents, enjoy the distribution and circulation of cool air to every corner of the deep freezer, ensuring that each and every food item is properly cooled.

The Beko upright freezer – RFNE280E13S is perfect if you need extra storage space to freeze your food.  With an impressive total 280-liter capacity, you can easily store a huge amount of food for your entire family whilst the 7 large freezer drawers make organizing and retrieving your frozen food, quick and easy.

For noise reduction, the RFNE280E13S has a low 42db noise production so can easily be placed in any room without disturbing you.  You will no longer worry about your energy bills with Beko freezer’s grade “C” energy efficiency which helps you save money. And for your food hygiene, enjoy Beko’s Antibacterial Door Handle, a special anti-bacterial seal coated on the door handles that keeps the most important contact points bacteria-free. In addition to that, the antibacterial gasket prevents bacteria from forming and entering your freezer.

This deep freezer’s 262-liter capacity gives you more space to store food. You will enjoy a high level of performance with its A+ power level. Its unloading door, internal light, noise reduction, and liftable glass shelves make you enjoy a pleasurable experience. For your food hygiene, this deep freezer comes with a variety of features like easy to clean, a system against bacteria formation, and anti-rust coating. To save your time and effort, this freezer comes with a function to reduce consumption at leave time and increases freezing speed.  You will no longer need a fixer with Fagor’s sensitive device that identifies a problem inside the freezer and helps you find a solution.

Kiriazi UGH0044N deep freezer comes with 6 large easily altered drawers which give you plenty of space to keep your food with minimal space, with an extra drawer to put ice cubes in. Each drawer comes with an indicator which acts as an information system for your food in every drawer.  With its fast freeze feature, you can quickly freeze your fresh food while preserving its nutrients and taste.  A fan stops on opening the freezer door to keep the cooling temperature inside and save energy; alarm rings in case the door left open.

Electrostar Freestanding Upright Deep Freezer, No Frost, 5 Drawers, 215 Liters, Black - LD215NGS
For newly married couples, you will no longer worry about family gatherings with Electrostar Freestanding Upright Deep Freezer- LD215NGS. Big storage space with five drawers, and 215-liter capacity, to best store your food. With no children’s noise, Electrostar helps you enjoy your tranquility with its low noise level & electronic control, the brushless technology of the Electrostar deep freezer increases user comfort because it minimizes noise. The electronic control of the new tangential fan makes the deep freezer particularly quiet.

With this clean steel freezer, you will enjoy more space to store your frozen food; its 253-liter capacity can store 14 bags of food shopping. When it comes to bulky items, its VarioRoom feature makes it easy to re-arrange shelves giving you more space to store more items. You will say goodbye to manual defrosting with its NoFrost technology, as cool air prevents ice from forming and saves you the trouble of defrosting. When looking in the freezer drawers, nothing will escape you with its freezer section bright LED lighting.  For those who care about their kitchen layout, this deep freezer’s reversible door makes it look great anyway.

And here it ends, hopefully, this article has helped you find out which deep freezer best fits you, and the selection criteria you will use to find it. When you are done, don’t hesitate to share your buying experience with us and how your deep freezer has helped absorb much of your weekly loads and save much of your time, effort, and money.