Are you looking to shop for appliances for your new home? Or perhaps you are looking to renovate your place with new appliances? Here are 10 pieces of advice to get you started!

1. Keep it real and plan your budget

Managing your budget and owning your finances can definitely reduce a huge load of uncertainty and stress and even help you make better and faster decisions. Sketch a plan for your budget and the way you plan to divide it. With a planned budget you can avoid going tight on cash as you organize your payment plans according to your capabilities. Also, it saves you the headache of countless options as it narrows down your choices by size. Additionally, knowing how much money you dedicate for each piece you can perfectly organize your space the way you imagine it adding or removing decorative pieces

2. Want to save? Shop smart!

Many stores provide offers, discounts and slash their prices at certain times of the year. Seize those moments by asking when they’d be offered and capture any promo codes, coupons, and offers for free delivery.

3. Don’t fall victim to impulsive buying

Have you fallen into this trap of shopping hastily and overspending on items that you don’t really need? Protect your expenses from getting wasted due to sales pressure or being enticed by a product’s appearance. To make informed rational choices you need to determine your needs first. Ask yourself the essential questions:

  1. Why do I need this appliance?
  2. How often will I use it?
  3. How much effort or time is it likely to save?
  4. Consider your future needs for possible investments, e.g. if you are expecting to have a bigger family size soon, you may need a bigger washing machine or a dishwasher. It may be a good idea to purchase it from the start.

4. Understand and visualize your space

Without planning your space before you buy you may run into a hassle of overcrowding or purchasing appliances that don’t fit. To avoid returning appliances and its inconveniences simply take several measurements of where you plan to place your appliance to be, pathways, entrances, and door widths and heights. You might want to take 3 measurements to ensure accuracy.
Doing this bit of homework before you visit the online shop or physical store will remove any uncertainty regarding dimensions and fit.

5. Closely examine your appliances

Get a feel of what the specifications, features, and dimensions are like in real life. Examine the appliances for any damage, ease of use, as well as material and strength. For example, if you are shopping for a fridge, examine the width, material, and number of shelves, how easily the door opens and closes, cooling technology and different compartments for organization and storage.

6. Take down your indecisiveness

Having many alternatives can be both amazing but somewhat troubling. Stores are competing to offer us the largest ranges possible. As much as it gives us more freedom of choice, as much as it may pose a source of confusion and indecisiveness. To help you reduce the stress of decision making and simplify it, here are some steps to break down the decision process:

  1. Focus your shopping and know your preferences

    Save links and photos that you like while you browse for ideas online or in stores. This way you keep track of what typically attracts you and truly matters in your decision.

  2. Narrow it down

    Then eliminate the least desired option by comparing across durability, brand, popularity, reviews, and prices. Take it down to three options and you are almost there.

7. Set real expectations of costs

Take a wider estimation of the real cost of the appliance by considering the running cost of appliances. Think about your budget plans currently and in the future to know if it fits your expense plans. If you are looking to save up, it may be a good idea to select appliances that have good energy efficiency ratings. You also want to have a map of the warranty, maintenance and service fees. Knowing this can help you maintain your appliances in good shape and have the references for quick help if something breaks down.

8. Give an artistic edge to your home

One common mistake is failing to harmonize appliances with an overall theme. Take control of how your house feels by visualizing a theme. You want to decide if you are going with a classic, contemporary, modern, vintage or minimalist design. Next select your color palette for the walls, floors, and countertops. Then match it with common appliance colors such as silver, white, black, grey or stainless steel. Keep in mind that lightly colored appliances give a spacious illusion which is quite important if you have a small space. Create coherence by unifying appliance colors and have it all match seamlessly.

9. Exhaust every online resource

Make use of the internet to know the latest trends, prepared checklists that have the hottest appliances you need in every new home as well as buying guides to know what to look for.

10. Learn from others

Ask friends and family and read reviews for best brands, prices and essential features. Asking someone who recently bought appliances you are looking for will cut your journey short. Listen to every tip they share with you based on their usage, lessons learned and experience. Learn from others on what their best choices were and regrets.