Did you know that you can know the TV’s

  • Screen size
  • screen type
  • year of manufacturing
  • Series number 

just from LG’s TV model number? Crazy right?! 

Here is how to understand the secret language of an LG TV 😉 


 Let’s start with 2 things to simplify

  1. The first two numbers tell you the tv screen size in inches
  2. The last three letters (PVA, PUA…etc) are practically irrelevant 



LG OLED TVs have a model number like this: 65C8PUA

  • The last three numbers PUA are irrelevant 65C8PUA

So just consider 65C8

  • The first two numbers 65C8 indicate screen size in inches (65 inches)
  • The letter afterward 65C8  indicates series and it could be B, C, E, G, W (here it is C series)
  • The last number 65C8 indicates the year of development
    • 9: 2019
    • 8: 2018
    • 7: 2017
    • 6: 2016


They have a model number like this 49UM 7400 PVA

Again just ignore last three letters 49UM 7400 PVA  

Look at 49UM 7400

It can be broken to 4 parts

1.Screen Size 

  • The first 2 numbers 49 UM 7400 tell you the screen size in inches 

2. Screen type

  • The first letter 49 UM 7400 is the screen type
    • S: Super Ultra HD 4K (high end)
    • U: Ultra HD 4K (Mid-range)
    • L: LCD or LED
    • P: Plasma

Mostly you want to look at U models or S if you want a high-end TV. LCD and Plazma screens are older but can be useful if you want cheap TV.

3. Year of Development

  • The second letter 49 UM 7400 is the year of development
    • N: 2020
    • M: 2019
    • K: 2018
    • J: 2017
    • H: 2016

Of course, you want to aim for the recent versions.  

4. Series Number

  • Finally, you have the series number 49 UM 7400. The higher this number, the more advanced and recent it is.


Now you know the secret language of LG TVs!

 Go ahead & compare across LG TVs to find what you want!