The back of your TV might feel like a black box to some of us. Just a bunch of strangely shaped ports that you may have never looked at since the time your TV was installed. Yes, you did just fine without most of them but see, they are not worth ignoring entirely, specifically, HDMI ports.

Why is that?

TV HDMI ports enable you to connect your TV to other devices, transferring high-quality audio and video. You are free to connect them to your gaming devices, home theatre, and laptop.

How can you identify them?

They are located at the back of the TV, where you might find 1 or more ports depending on your TV.

And they look something like this:

But why should you care at all about them?

Here are three reasons why

1. Teleporters of fun!

Sure a game night at PlayStation cafe with your guys could be easily the best part of your day where you shut down any worries, loosen up and have a great time.

Yet, winter can be challenging for our dedicated gamers who can hardly sacrifice the warmth and coziness of their homes but also can’t imagine their weekend without an adventurous gaming night. HDMI ports serve as bridges to fun in chilly winter nights. They are gates opened to connect you to the world of PlayStation or Xbox console. Just connect your gaming device to your TV and game on!

2. For our old school Tv enthusiasts

If you are a TV person no matter how cool smartphones get, then feel no shame! Whether you enjoy a little drama or an action movie, even something light, you know it’s not just about the movie, it’s about getting in the mood! Need some help? First, connect your TV through the HDMI port to your home theatre for a breaking surround sound. Then, stream your favorite movie, turn off the lights, bring on the popcorn and let the show begin!

3. Mirror your laptop content

Isn’t it convenient if you are sharing photos and videos with your family on a large TV screen than your laptop? Or if you are presenting to your colleagues in a meeting room and the projector broke down, and you just reach for the HDMI cable and connect your laptop to the TV screen without any disruption? So convenient!    


The number of HDMI ports varies across TVs, So how can you decide how many ports do you need?

HDMI ports typically range from 1 to 3 ports. Of course the more the better, because you can connect several devices to your TV and switch between them. So it really depends on your usage. You should be fine with 2 HDMI ports but in case the TV of your choice has only 1 port, don’t despair! You can purchase HDMI splitter to connect multiple devices without the hassle of disconnecting and reconnecting again. 

Last but not least, one more thing to consider!

If you are planning to fully make use of your TV’s HDMI ports then you might want to think about its placement first. Especially if you are mounting the TV on a wall then access to the HDMI ports may be limited. Consider cable length, device placement, and the gap size between the TV and the wall.