Your kitchen is your space and surely it is a thrilling experience to set up or upgrade that kitchen. More often our needs are many so we opt for several appliances to simplify our cooking and baking processes. Usually however; choosing many appliances gets stressful, costly, time and space consuming.

This article will introduce you to 5 life saver kitchen appliances that will save your time and effort while still treating your family with the best meals.

We selected these 5 kitchen appliances for you:
1. Moulinex Blender with Chopper- AR6801EG
2. Black & Decker AerOfry Air Fryer- AF300
3. Tornado Meat & Vegetables Chopper – CH-400S
4. Fresh Stand Mixer with Grinder
5. Kenwood Multi-Pro Compact Food Processor – FDP646.SI

Moulinex Blender with Chopper- AR6801EG

Moulinex Blender chopper online

Almost every authentic Egyptian recipe calls for a delicious salsa. Whether you are making a vegetable stew, traditional okra or the famous koshari; you need an excellent chopper and blender to show off your precious cooking skills!


vegetable chopper online

Make the best salads and dishes in the shortest time and smallest effort with 200g chopper. Chop your vegetables, onion and garlic with it’s sharp stainless steels blades.

You will also thank this Moulinex’s chopper as it cuts down your salad preparation time. Prepare that crunchy restaurant quality coleslaw salad in no time.


blender online

If you are making shakes, smoothies or blending tomatoes, these durable and removable blades will not leave any lumps. With the power of 800 Watt you can carry out any blending job. Easily see through the transparent jug to blend until it’s smooth enough.

Capacity and safety features
You have 1-liter capacity to serve a little above 4 glasses of your best shakes. Fit it easily on any countertop, its rubber suction feet will hold it in place. It is also provided with a safety locking system to ensure that your blender and chopper are fitted correctly.

Easy Cleaning
Cleaning is very easy. Processor, blades and extensions are all machine washable. Disassemble the parts and clean them without any trouble.

For online purchases and to read more, click on Moulinex’s blender + chopper.

Black & Decker AerOfry Air Fryer – AF300

Black Decker Air Fryer Online

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is no doubt the talk of the hour more than ever. We are constantly bombarded with health and nutrition influencers, bloggers and fitness advisors all over social media. Staying healthy has become a priority, whether you are trying to lose weight, stay in shape or keep a balanced diet.

Healthy meals can also be delicious
Nothing is worse than depriving yourself from your favorite food or unfortunately giving in and indulging in a cheat meal, that often ruins all your efforts. Black & Decker’s air fryer is designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals without ruining your diet.

Using the Rapid Hot-Air Circulation System you can enjoy eating grilled food, French fries, fried chicken and every other indulgence you wish. The digital air fryer roasts, fries and grills your food with little or no oil consuming 80% less fat.

Design and digital display
The digital AerOfry is uniquely designed as a black space ship. Enjoy watching your food through a large drop down viewing window as it quickly gets coated in that perfect golden crust. Set your fryer’s launching time using an electronic timer and control the temperature to get as hot as 220 degrees C.

The digital air fryer is sizeable takes up to 1.2 KG or 4 liters of your favorite food. Good Frying means every side has to be crispy and for that the air fryer has 1500 Watt to give you results as good as deep frying.

Safety and equipment
Equipped with a frying basket, baking tray and a toast rack. Because safety is a priority, the food basket can be easily detached using a safety handle.

For online purchases and to read more, click on Black & Decker’s Aerofry Air Fryer.

Tornado’s Vegetable Chopper – CH-400S

Tornado Vegetable Chopper Online

A good chopper is a multifunctional chopper. Having one appliance that’s capable of handling different tasks surely facilities your kitchen experience. Yet that’s not exactly what makes this chopper so special! It possesses a magical power of gathering your loved ones. Weird? Right, just use it to prepare that delicious authentic mallow stew for your family and watch the magic happen before your eyes!

Tornado’s 400-watt chopper also handles your tomatoes and vegetables’ chopping and blending. It’s armed with sharp stainless steel blades to get that chopping mission done right.

It’s labeled plastic bowl 1-liter bowl provides an ample capacity along with a handle to gain control as you pour your ingredients.

For online purchases and to read more, click on Tornado’s Chopper.

Fresh Stand Mixer with Grinder

Fresh Stand Mixer Online

Multi-tasking can be hard but not with Fresh’s stand mixer! Carry out three functions with one appliance. It is a stand mixer, grinder and a blender as well! Large enough to do many jobs and just compact enough to fit easily on your kitchen countertop.

Stand Mixer

Dough Kneading Machine Online

Fresh’s stand 1200 Watt mixer will do all it takes to get your baking needs done. Pour all your ingredients in 4.5 liters’ metal bowl and carry out any whisking, mixing and beating of your ingredients as well as kneading dough. Choose from 6 different levels and adjust it to suitable level for a successful baking experience.

Sometimes you want to break the routine and go for non-traditional recipes. Treat yourself with a good home-made burger or surprise your kids with chicken nuggets. This red grinder is handy in preparing ground meat and fish. Just use the meat mincer attachment and you are the chef!

Glass Blender

Shakes Juice Blender Online

Make your favorite shakes and smoothies for yourself and your guests with this 1.5-liter blender. This glass blender is easy to clean and does not retain smells. Useful for blending tomatoes using its stainless steel blades to prepare some delicious hot salsa.

For online purchases and to read more, click on Fresh’s Stand Mixer with grinder.

Kenwood Multi-Pro Compact 1000 Watt Food Processor- FDP646.SI

Kenwood Multi-Pro Compact 1000 Watt Food Processor FDP646SI

What if you can have one appliance that allows you to do more with less effort? Kenwood’s multi-pro food processor aids you in your baking, chopping, slicing, blending and juicing functions in one compact machine. If you are throwing a family gathering making large salad and vegetable bowls will no longer be an inconvenience. Save your precutting time of fruits and vegetables with a 40% larger feeding tube than most processors.

Reshaping your vegetables
Toss those vegetables, sit back and let 4 reversible attachments do all the slicing, chopping or grating as thinly or thickly as you want. Even simpler smaller jobs are handled by the mini chopper so you barely get yourself in any trouble.


Juice Maker Online

Have a sweet tooth and often give in to your sugar impulses? Substitute these for a healthy fruit smoothie. Just find a flavorful smoothie recipe, let that 2 speed blender powered with a pulse function and stainless steel blades get it just perfectly for you! You can make up to 5 smoothies at a time with this 1.5 liter labelled container! See right through the plastic container to watch the festive of fruits as it magically transforms. It is easy to clean, light to carry and so durable as it is break-resistant.

Ditch that coffee routine every now and then. It is time to let your mornings be more refreshing and go for that healthy juice. Kenwood’s multi-pro machine includes a citrus press to energize your mornings with a perfectly squeezed orange juice.

Imagine You are the Baker!
Live every moment and live the experience as a baker! Whether you are making bread, pizza or baking that cake; Kenwood’s processor is useful at every stage: mixing, whisking, beating and kneading ingredients. The power of 1000 Watt and capacity of 3 liters will spare you that huge effort you would do to get that perfect dough!

For online purchases and to read more, click on Kenwood’s Food Processor.