Having a great home is more than having the best appliances and furniture pieces. It’s about designing from the heart a comfortable space that energizes, soothes and inspires. Whether you are setting up a new home or renovating your house this guide should help you know the latest and trendiest home and decoration designs. Get your favorite drink, turn on the AC, read on 2019 design trends and visualize your trendy and cozy home.

2019 Trend in a Nutshell

2019 is goodbye to lifeless, common and minimalist designs, towards artistically unique and moving maximalist interiors. This year is all about creating spaces with ample and dynamic character and less static-like magazines and hotels. Warmth takes over everything from color to design to patterns and an overwhelming emphasis on natural surroundings. A movement towards self-expression, vibrancy, colorfulness, energetic and artisan vibes.



Feelings encompass every interior detail clearly in splashes of daring colors, and mixing of contemporary and vintage designs. Accessories and embellishments hypnotize with eclectic inspirations heavily influenced by tribal, and African designs featuring handcrafts and woven baskets. Finally, there is a strong rewind and infusion to nature, evident in usage of green, wood, natural and matte finishes.

2019 decor African inspired

Colors palette and tones

Drifting away from cold and lifeless grey walls and dark floors, 2019 is all about vibrancy, brevity and emotional connection, conveyed in adventurous colors. Living coral won the color of the year for its superpower in spreading the energy of joy, cheerfulness, and positive vibes. For extra-dimensional effect mix it with its lighter and darker shades in wall art, lamps, embellishments, and throws.

Earthy tones like ochre, burnt orange, terracotta, and bold red are extremely popular, followed by cooler colors like indigo and inky blue. Balance with neutrals like white and grey.

Blush continues with its relaxing and flattering effect shedding light to spaces, perfect for drapery and rugs.

While neutral lovers and addicts are encouraged to create a boldly dramatic atmosphere and intensified moodiness using high contrast neutrals pairing light and dark neutrals.

Reverting to Soothing Nature and Greenery

Green harmonizes with this year’s warm color palette, resembling nature. There’s an emphasis on greenery and wood uncovering the aesthetic and philosophical concept on the role of nature in our lives, the need to connect and revert back to it. Sending an awareness to go green, protect the environment and absorb positivity and calmness from nature. Stand out with big bold plants creating different textures and illusions of depth by clustering plants around sofas and in corners. Vary the size, finish, height and color of containers for more interest. Try mixing between different colors and finishes especially concrete, green and dirty peach.

Curved Furniture

2019 Furniture pieces invoke feelings of softness, friendliness, uniqueness and charismatic character, largely inspired by 1970s. Individualize curved back chairs and rounded-edged pieces by artistically and thoughtfully combining different pieces stirring varying designs, eras and textures together.

Detailed Walls and ceilings

2019 carries the best news for maximalists where they can express their open personalities in daring colors and randomness in mismatched designs. Minimalist fans can still stay enthusiastically trendy without compromising their taste with murals. Murals perfectly maximize visual interest in a simple room by centering and captivating the eyes. Play with different wall textures, prints, and materials for richer visual engagement.

Make your room stand out with painted ceilings. It will maximize interest and detail.

Folding Kitchens and cabinetry in colors

This year’s kitchens are shifting away from statically white towards lively designs. Cabinets are painted especially in deep blue, grey washed blue and grey washed greens. You can even revive your kitchen with green plants and colored pots. Enrich with natural materials like stone and wood for an encompassing and soothing atmosphere. Chunky hardware will boost the dimension of your kitchen, while open upper cabinets lend an inviting mood and welcoming spirit with glass, wood or metal shelves.

Statement Kitchen appliances

Express your unique personality in the kitchen with boldly colored appliances. Cool down and balance the color temperatures by combining strong colors with a neutral palette.

Chic Bathrooms

Try mixing different types of stones like natural stone with terrazzo for less monotony, more luxury, and added comfort. For chic fixtures, go with the trending matte black that adds an edge.

Heartfelt decoration

Your design can be a time machine with handcrafted pieces and personal collectibles. Haunt and captivate with valuable pieces that have memorable and nostalgic stories like vintage rugs, travel mugs, souvenirs, and personal travel collectibles. Following the maximalist theme, pair patterned and textured walls with photographs and hyper-realistic paintings.


Embrace irregularities and uniqueness!

Decorate with bold art, and geometrically patterned throw pillows and rugs. Create interesting layers by combining old and new fabric patterns. Enhance the multidimensional contrast by combining glossy and matte metal finishes. Using darker metals and matte finishes can tone down brass, iron, and gold plated metals.

We hope this guide will help you as you set up or renovate your cozy home this year! Enjoy 🙂