Tired of all the traditional gift ideas and want to go for a wildly unexpected but amazing Mother’s Day gift? This article is all about creative and affordable gifts that mum will love! 

1. Money/Voucher

If you ran out of time or you’re unimaginably busy, simply prepare an envelope with a gift card, voucher or pump it with decent cash. Let her decide openly and flexibly what would make her truly happy. She would be glowing joy browsing the gift herself. Grant it a posh look with a luxuriously fancy box of chocolate and a warm card just to show you put a little bit of effort.

2. Body/Foot massager

Some days seem to drag on forever; imagine mum’s to-do lists and you get the picture. What can possibly make her feel better after a super long day? Aside from your warm and cuddly hugs, an incredibly relaxing body or a foot massager will just do the trick. An instantly soothing experience that’ll make all the difference to her mood. Quite a gift huh? Bro, she’d be praying for you!

3. Gym subscription

Do her a huge favor by setting her back on track for weight loss, body toning and fitness and sign her up for a great gym! She may have been planning to go for ages but procrastination is a monster. Perfect opportunity for her to de-stress, boost her mood by adding a new activity to her day, meeting new people and taking care of her health and body. If you two are inseparable, you may even go together!

4. Sign her up for fun classes!

One thing mothers always seem to regret is losing their hobbies and identities as they grow older and get busier raising a family. Imagine if you restore her youth, playfulness, joy, and excitement wouldn’t you love that?

Sign her up to a hobby she used to do when she was young, always wanted to try but never had the time. Choose from a wide variety of classes, ranging from calligraphy, art, and painting to cooking and cake decorating to knitting, sewing, and embroidery. Give her a break from routine and get her in touch with her soul.

5. Treasure her with jewelry

Astonish her with a chic pearl or gold accessory. You can amazingly customize her name on it. Set the final finishing with a lavishly luxurious box and a fancy gift wrap.

An elegant budget-friendly alternative is a simple classy piece of silver jewelry. Guaranteed her jaw drops by placing it in a laser carved wooden box with her name or photo on it.

6. Bring her a spa to her home

Incredibly pamper her with a gorgeous set of lotions, essential oils, organic/natural face, body scrubs, creams, and butter. You can find those easily at any booth in a mall or beauty shops.
Just try to get a hint of what smells she typically likes, or go for basic likable smells. Popular ones include Jasmine or roses, soft lavender or subtle yet lovable vanilla. Believe me, these little things make a huge difference and delight her mood almost instantly.

7. Home accessories, antiques, and portraits

Reinvigorate the charm of her house with mesmerizing antiques and unique decorative pieces. You can go big or small, depending on the space, style and overall theme.

Tips for collecting precious home gifts:

First, determine the style of furnishing. Classic furniture is best revived with floral portraits and oil paintings. Modern or contemporary furniture look infinitely cooler with abstract paintings. All styles look hauntingly beautiful with Arabic calligraphy.

You can also combine aesthetics along with practicality. Upgrade her china plates, dinnerware, table linens, or placemats with more trendy designs and colors.

8. Expensively Branded Scarf or Shawl

Clothes gifts are great, yet they carry some risk of ruining the joy if they end up as the wrong fit. Yet you can still supplement her closet with a fancy scarf or shawl.
Get a soft and preferably branded scarf or shawl. She can pop it over any outfit and brag about it to all her friends.

Get a quick idea of the colors and prints that bring out her face and compliment her skin through her closet or photos. Pick a quality fabric scarf and watch her transform her outfits!

9. Classic handbag

A basic handbag is easy to find and guaranteed she’ll find it handy in casual errands or home visits. Go for neutrals that flawlessly fit every outfit like beige and black.

Tips for an excellent pick:

For an impressive handbag choose a texture that is both soft and long-lasting. The best handbags are lightweight but sizeable, have plenty of pockets and an optional strap to adjust. Don’t forget to run a check quality and smooth lining for neatness and zipper functionality. 

10. Cool and funky sunglasses!

Treat your gorgeous lady with a pair of a statement and expensive looking shades! Let her walk and drive proudly like a movie star. All you need is to pin down her face shape and find suitably matching sunglasses.

11. Plant your love everywhere!

Finally, if you can’t get that fancy and your budget is running really low, don’t despair.
Spark some joy with flower pots and planters! Liven her balcony or kitchen with joyful daisies radiant with hope and energy. Violets and lilies give more of a sense of royalty; while jasmine inspires freshness and instant likeability.

Mum isn’t a fan of flowers? No big deal, you can go with incredibly earthly and aromatic herbs like rosemary, mint and fresh thyme. Sprinkle them generously over your food or with a savory fresh minty cup of tea.

Make this day special and know that your love is the biggest gift of all <3 Happy Mother’s Day!