Universal Grand Rosa 4 Burners Stainless Steel Cooker - Silver


Universal Grand Rosa 4 Burners Stainless Steel Cooker - Silver

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This Universal freestanding cooker has gas oven and gas grill. It features 4 burners, so you can create a multi-course meal easily. The Universal Grand Rosa's grill and traditional cooking functions enable you to explore a number of cooking options. Choose cooking presets for different foods with its front controls. Also, it has a 60 cm width, 87 cm height, and a 60 cm depth. The Grand Rosa has a stainless steel finish and a 77-litre capacity. You can move dishes from stovetop to oven with ease with this Universal cooker.


 Triple Ring Burner

The exclusive Triple Ring burner takes full advantage of an excellent power distribution and guarantees quick and even cooking. The innovative flame distribution allows having an excellent heat distribution under the pan.


 Safety Sensor

You don't have to worry while cooking. The Grand Rosa from Universal is featured with a safety sensor making it a complete safe use.


 Excellent Design

There are no sharp edges and no nails in the cabinet and door which makes the cleaning process easier and safer.


 Oven Handle

A sober, elegant handle made of excellent materials.

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