Tefal Smart Protect Steam Iron, 2600 Watt, White - FV4980


Tefal Smart Protect Steam Iron, 2600 Watt, White - FV4980

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  • 2600 Watt
  • One Temperature Setting To Iron Any Fabric
  • Fast Heat-Up
  • Anti-Drip Function
  • Eco Mode

Enjoy easier and faster ironing with the Tefal Smart Protect steam iron. This simple-to-use steam iron has just one temperature setting that’s suitable for ironing all types of fabric, with no risk of burning. So, you can iron jeans and silk safely, one after the other, without having to adjust the temperature or sort your ironing pile. This Tefal steam iron also features the new Durilium Airglide soleplate, providing 33% more glide for fast and effortless ironing. More active steam holes at the top, sides, and centre give you maximum steam distribution for efficient results.

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براند تيفال
اسم الموديل Smart Protect
نوع المكواة مكواه بخار
اللون ابيض
أقصى قوة الكهربائية 2600
تعمل بدون سلك لا
مادة قاعدة المكواة مطلي
مصدر الطاقة بسلك كهرباء
الإيقاف الآلي نعم
اطلاق البخار عموديا نعم
خاصية منع التنقيط نعم
اخراج البخار بالجرام في الدقيقة 180 g/min
Steam Any Ironable Garment, The Tefal Smart Protect FV4980 Steam Iron allows you to steam any ironable fabric with an ideal combination of temperature and steam. No settings needed. No worries.
With Continuous Steam, your creases come out with ease. Have a stubborn crease that just won't come out? No problem. Just give it a shot of hot steam with steam boost and watch the crease melt away, so you can get yourself date-ready without putting in the extra elbow grease.
Easy Ironing, Take advantage of FV4980's air glide soleplate for effortless ironing, and a smooth glide. With more active steam holes at the top, sides, and center, this iron will have your clothes looking pristine in minutes.
Save Money, Save money on your energy bills and help the environment thanks to Eco Mode, which cuts energy use by up to 20% without compromising performance.