Philips StraightCare Hair Straightener, Black - BHS677

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Philips StraightCare Hair Straightener, Black - BHS677

  • سنوات الضمان 1
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  • With SplitStop Technology
  • For Split Ends Prevention
  • 2x Ionic Conditioning
  • Keratin Infusion

Premium sublime ends straightener is the first straightener designed to protect your fragile ends. Thanks to the premier SplitStop Technology and floating plates you can enjoy beautifully styled hair with healthy looking ends!

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SplitStop Technology, The secret to ultimate split ends prevention is the new SplitStop Technology. It is a unique combination of UniTemp sensor and The advanced ceramic floating plates to respect the health of your hair. The UniTemp sensor protects your hair from being exposed to unnecessary high heat and The styling plates guarantee minimal friction for ultimate split ends protection.
UniTemp Sensor For Beautifully Styled Hair With Less Heat, The UniTemp sensor protects your hair from being exposed to unnecessary high heat by providing a more consistent styling temperature for improved performance: Get the same results with a 20°C lower heat setting. Create the perfect style with healthy-looking ends full of life.
Keratin Infusion For Better Care, Keratin is the hair's essential ingredient which makes them strong, healthy and gorgeous looking. The ceramic is enriched with keratin to even better take care of your hair.
2x Stronger Ionic Conditioning For Vibrant Shine, Charged negative ions eliminate static, condition the hair and smooth down the hair cuticles to intensify the hair's shine and glossiness. The result is smooth, frizz-free hair with vibrant shine. 2x stronger ionic conditioning comes from an advanced ionizer which releases two times more ions compared to a standard ionizer, enabling every strand of hair to be cared for from all angles.
Floating Plates For Gentle Styling, The advanced ceramic floating plates move to adjust the pressure on the hair. This protects the hair shaft from being damaged and reduces the possibility of split ends.
Advanced Ceramic For Smooth Gliding And Damage Prevention, The smooth advanced ceramic coated plates prevent damage to your hair during styling with ultra-smooth gliding.
14 Digital Temperature Settings For Absolute Control, Digital display with 14 temperature settings up to 230°C gives you absolute control to adjust temperature to your hair type for damage prevention.
Cool Tip To Easily Create Curls And Waves, The tip of the styler is made from a special heat insulating material to keep it cool. You can safely hold it while you're curling to create beautiful curls, waves and bouncy styles.
Auto Shut-Off For Safe Usage, This styler has been equipped with an automatic shut-off feature. This feature has been designed to provide peace of mind. If left on, the appliance will automatically switch off after 30 min.