Kiriazi Natural Gas Digital Water Heater, 10 Litres, White - KGH10


Kiriazi Natural Gas Digital Water Heater, 10 Litres, White - KGH10

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Kiriazi provides the best quality of home appliances creating technology that adds value to your life‎‎.‎‎ Kiriazi is a trustworthy and likable brand in the home appliance market offering a full range of household appliances including refrigerators‎‎,‎‎ air conditioners‎‎,‎‎ fans and other small appliances‎‎.




Digital Screen to indicate the water temperature.
Heat exchanger made of high-quality pure copper.
Internal Stainless steel pump plate for water sensor.
Summer / Winter switch.
Works effectively with the lowest water pressure.
Works automatically.
High sensitivity safety valve.
Safety child lock.
Disconnects the heater, when the water temperature exceeds the safety limit, reconnects it automatically, after the temperature decreases.
Cuts off the gas, when the flame is extinguished for any reason to prevent leakage of gas.
Cuts off the gas, in the case the temperature reached its maximum.
Disconnects the heater, in case it is used for more than 20 minutes continuously, automatically reconnects it.
Sensitive to high exhaust temperatures.


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