Delonghi Pump Espresso and Coffee Machine, Black - EC221


Delonghi Pump Espresso and Coffee Machine, Black - EC221

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Prepare café-quality espresso drinks in your own home with the Delonghi EC221 Pump Espresso Machine. Enjoy your espresso shots straight, or create delicious cappuccinos with rich, thick foam using the attached steam nozzle. The slim, sleek design complements any kitchen while using just 6 inches of counter space. Begin enjoying your espresso almost immediately thanks to this espresso pump’s Thermo block technology, which heats up water to the ideal brewing temperature in just 40 seconds. The Media's self-priming system means the machine is always ready for use, so your beverage will be ready quickly and easily. The high performance 15 bar pump pressure coffee maker makes perfect espressos, cappuccinos, and coffee lattes or can be used to create any favorite coffee or milk drinks. It is both stylish and easy to use with a simple dial operating system. The professional filter holder and built-in tamper create the perfect cream on your espressos and the traditional manual milk frothing arm mixes steam, air, and milk to produce a rich, creamy froth for a great cappuccino or latte so you can have Barista style coffee in your own home! 

 Make Your Daily Drink

Create rich, thick foam for your cappuccinos by mixing the air, water, and milk with the patented cappuccino frothing system. It also pours hot water for Americanos or brewing tea. A built-in steam regulator keeps the temperature at a safe level.

15-Bar Pressure

With 15 bars professional pressure, the Media can easily create the rich, frothy cream for your espresso drinks. To maintain the quality of your beverages, an alarm lets you know when it's time to descale the machine.


Crema Filter Holder

2 in 1”: The crema filter holder is suitable forground coffee and E.S.E. pods

Cappuccino System

Cappuccino System”: it mixes steam, air, and milk, producing rich, creamy froth for great cappuccino


Water Reservoir

Removable, transparent water reservoir, to make its filling and cleaning much easier



Other Features 

Stainless steel espresso boiler for longer life.
15 bar pump pressure.
Self-priming system means the machine is always ready for use.
“Cappuccino System combines steam, air, and milk for a perfect cappuccino. 
Separate steam and espresso thermostats.
Adjustable steam emission.
On/off switch with indicator light.
Removable water reservoir (1 l) with level indicator.
Removable drip tray for easy cleaning.
Incorporated coffee tamper.
This appliance can be used either with ground coffee or with the “Easy Serving Espresso” pods.
Special filter holder for ground coffee and pods with crema device.
An auto-off function which turns off the system 9 minutes after the last usage.

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براند ديلونجي
اسم الموديل EC221
السعة غير محدد
نوع ماكينة القهوة ماكينة اسبرسو
الواط 1100
الإيقاف الآلي نعم
نوع آلة الإسبريسو آلة قهوة + اكسبريسو
العمق بـ(سم) Unknown