Braun Series 3 ProSkin Wet & Dry Shaver - 3040s

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Braun Series 3 ProSkin Wet & Dry Shaver - 3040s

  • سنوات الضمان 2
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The Braun 3040s Series 3 Wet & Dry electric shaver features MicroComb Technology, catching more hair for a faster shave than before. The Triple Action Cutting System and SensoFoil deliver even better shaving performance, with wet or dry options for a more comfortable and convenient shave.

MicroComb Technology

It features two rows of fine, evenly spaced grooves that surround an independently moving middle trimmer. This catches and feeds more hair with every stroke, which gives you a faster shave. The difference to other shavers is noticeable, especially in the torture test of 3‐day beards.

Triple Action Cutting System

Twin foils and an integrated middle trimmer shave progressively closer. Together they effectively cut both long and short hairs with every stroke, proven even on difficult 3-day beards.

2x SensoFoil

Specially designed to deliver an efficient close shave and a gentle skin experience.

Middle Trimmer

Easily cuts even longer and more difficult hair.

Built-In Precision

The extra large precision trimmer on the back is ideal for shaping sideburns or trimming beards prior to shaving.

Triple Action FreeFloat System

Three independently moving cutting elements adapt to every facial contour and guarantee a smooth shaving experience.

Great Handling

The ergonomic grip with iconic Braun rubber dot pattern provides secure handling, even in wet bathroom conditions or when you rinse your shaver under running water.

Shave Wet Or Dry

You can use the Series 3 ProSkin with water, foam or gel for even better gliding and a smoother skin feeling. Plus you can even shave in the shower.

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