Purchasing or upgrading your home appliances requires a lot of searching and effort. Especially if you are shopping for essentials such as washing machines, you want to make an educated purchase and a profitable long term investment.
Washing machine models and designs vary frequently along with numerous features, so how can you decide and know which is best suited for you?

Although there are many choices to make: top loading vs front loading, small, big or medium capacities. However; regardless of your choice of features or type of washing machine, everyone likes to maximize comfort, optimize clothes’ cleanliness, minimize effort and cut short on household chores.

Here is a guide for 3 top branded washing machines that can satisfy those desires and help you make a great purchase that you won’t regret.

Read on for the best features of Ariston 7 kG, LG 13.2 KG and Samsung 14 KG to assist you in making an informed purchase!

  • Ariston 7 KG Silver Washing Machine – WMG721SEX
  • LG 13.2 KG Top Loading Washing Machine – T1369NEFTF
  • Samsung 14 KG Washing Machine – WA14J5730SG/FH

Ariston 7 KG Silver Washing Machine-WMG721SEX

Special for Anti-Stain Treatment and Skin protection

Top 7 Features:
1. Space saving Design
2. Harmonious and Sleek Color
3. Better drying with 1200 RPM
4. Energy Efficiency
5. Anti-stain treatment
6. Protects your sensitive skin
7. Special Whites cycle

Now, let us get into the details one after another.

1. Front loading and space saving
Shoppers nowadays opt for dryers in addition to their washing machines. However; some hesitate either due to space limitations or to avoid overcrowding the laundry space. Ariston’s 7 KG’s front loading design can help you fit a dryer on top, yet enjoy the extra features of two appliances in the same space.

2. Harmonious Color and Sleek Design
This silver washing machine can fit with any kitchen or bathroom design you have. Silver color is forever smooth and harmonious so it’s never limiting. Silver hides finger smears and detergent smudges much better than other colors. Also, it is easy to clean using everyday household cleaners and simple detergents.

3. Better drying with 1200 RPM

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Having 1200 RPM washing machine like Ariston allows you to effectively and easily wash many types of fabrics. 1200 is a decent number of revolutions per minute handling heavy materials like jeans and cotton. At the same time providing better drying to your clothes so you don’t find it completely soaked in water.

4. Energy efficiency
Ariston’s efficiency has an A rating which is an important determinant to purchasing decisions. Better efficiency is essential to your daily household needs to save your energy consumption. Of course this means spending less on your bill.

5. Anti-Stain Treatment

Washing Machine Anti Stain Treatment

Tough stains are an annoyance although they can be removed by being subjected to very high temperatures; However; it carries the risk of colors fading and losing their spark. Having anti-stain treatment means that manufacturers understand this need and designed a solution for it. It takes care of stains while staying under 40 degrees Celsius.

6. Protect your sensitive skin
Over several repeated washes tiny particles of dust, pollen and even small mites can accumulate in washing machines. It’s very irritating to many of us with sensitive skin where such residues can give us allergies or skin reactions. Ariston’s WMG721SEX, takes care of these annoyances and eliminates them for you so can stay comfortable.

7. Special Whites Cycle
Regardless of season, white is essential throughout the year and you must have it ready and super sparkly! This machine’s special cycle for whites guarantees flawless, brilliant and glowing white clothes from the first wash. You will gain instantaneous optimal results, exert less effort and enjoy a peace of mind as you avoid rewashing whites.

For online purchases and to read more, click on Ariston’s Silver Washing Machine.

LG 14 KG Digital Top Loading Washing Machine – T1369NEFTF

Special for its Smart Inverter Motor

LG’s 14 KG is extremely special for its inverter motor. A smart inverter motor offers a variety of benefits such as quality washing, energy efficiency and super quietness.

Here are LG’s 14 KG top features:
1. Quietness
2. Energy Saver
3. Delay Start Option
4. Large capacity: Load, Set and Launch!
5. Radiant Spotless White and Bright Colored Clothes

LG 14 KG Top Loading Washing Machine Online

Let us now dwell into the details.

1. Quietness
After a long day you deserve some quiet time in your cozy space! Start your washing machine and read a book or watch your favorite T.V show, without angry roars or buzzing around your house.

2. Energy Saver
Your money and time are both very valuable for that the smart inverter motor is designed to cut down on your energy consumption!

An Inverter motor is brushless. Instead, it works by magnetic induction thereby exhausting less energy.
With this washing machine you can finally save BIG!

3. Delay and Start at your Convenience
Your plans can change throughout the day and the last thing you want is to forget your laundry, or have piles of wet clothes in your washer smelling for hours. Plan your day’s schedule as you wish and definitely not around laundry. Delay start any washing program at a time that suits you best. You do not have to postpone your plans to take care of laundry.

4. Large capacity: Load, Set and Launch!
Whether you recently married and do not know how to handle bulky items in your house; Or have a large family that seems to change their clothes almost infinitely, you definitely need a sizeable washing machine.

Wash your bulky and heavy items at home such as winter comforters and blankets with LG’s capacity of 13 KG. Get ready for winter and prepare your own and kids’ beds with soft and fresh smelling comforters.

5. Radiant Spotless White and Bright Colored Clothes

LG Top Loading Washing Machine 2

Prolong the life of your wardrobe with LG’s optimal washing quality. Equipped with smart motion technology it can handle many types of fabrics with 3 kinds of motions to suit your fabrics.

3+ punching feature pumps 3 strong water streams mixing and moving your laundry load in every direction. Shine on because every side of your clothes will come out clean and impressively radiant!

Place your trust and take care of tough spots and annoying stains without panicking. Turbo drum will remove any tough dirt by strong water streams and strong rotations. Take a deep breath and stay calm because your items will be spotless and definitely free of dirt.

For online purchases and to read more, click on LG’s 13.2 KG Washing Machine.

Samsung 14 KG Digital Washing Machine- WA14J5730SG/FH

Special for its XL capacity

Samsung’s 14 KG 7 Top Features:
1. Gigantic Capacity
2. Dual wash system
3. Inverter motor both Efficient and Quiet
4. Fine washing
5. Gentle care for delicates
6. Easy draining and no clogging
7. Delay Start

Samsung 14 KG Top Loading Washing Machine Online

1. Gigantic Full Loading Capacity!
Your joy grows as your family is getting bigger! Yet somehow their hassle multiplies with them. Weekly laundry seems like a workout with multiple rounds of washing, drying, folding and sorting. Having a small capacity washing machine can be tiresome and draining your energy.

14 KG from Samsung gives you an enormous full loading capacity to finally minimize your laundry effort.

2. Inverter Motor = Energy saver
Inverter motors are way more technologically advanced than conventional ones. Make use of 3 advantages:

  • Wash the same load of clothes with less energy consumption
  • Less time wasted on maintenance as this motor technology experiences less breakdowns. You don’t have to be concerned about its wear and tear!
  • Super quietness is the simplest advantage Samsung’s inverter motor offers. It’s brushless which means that you can get laundry done while relaxing in your home without any noise interruptions. Works hard but makes less of a fuss!


3. Finest Washing quality without residue
Magic dispenser guarantees that detergent is well dispersed. A powerful water vortex along with Water Fall Technology dissolves detergents so your items are thoroughly washed and well rinsed.

4. Protecting your delicates
Your delicate clothes are well cared for with a special gentle cycle. Uniquely designed smooth curled ridges are soft and gentle yet efficient on your fabrics. The design has small water holes to prevent your delicate items from getting trapped or damaged.

5. Filter your worries away

Samsung 14 KG Top Loading Washing Machine Online 3

Always notice thin strings, fibers and dirt particles curling and sticking to your newly washed laundry? Often need to unclog your machine? Samsung’s washing machine has a Magic filter that prevents these particles from piling. As you wash repeatedly every time you will experience easy draining and happy washing.

6. Active Dual wash system
It never hurts to have an extra sink! Samsung’s active dual wash system gives you an extra sink where you can hand wash your delicate items. Just turn on the water jet and even use it to pre-treat your heavily soiled clothes.

7. Delay Start at your Convenience
You can easily get laundry out of the way with the delay option and start any washing program at the most convenient time for you. So no need to rush before you leave or when you come back to handle laundry. Your convenience is a priority!

Extras! Eco tub clean course keeps your machine smelling fresh and notifies you immediately when it needs cleaning.

To read more and purchase online, click on Samsung’s 14 KG Washing Machine.