Hot August!

BTech’s wedding campaign is beating August’s heat with an entire week of the hottest offers! starting Sunday 25th August 2019 all the way to Saturday 31 August 2019!

Our wedding campaign is for every couple that is happily getting married. We are going to help you find your needs for your new home. We want to be with you throughout your journey from considering to choosing and buying everything you need from the most basic appliances to the most luxurious ones!

Whether you are a financially independent couple or your family is generously supporting you, shopping for a new home is definitely not easy. We feel you and we launched the wedding campaign to give you smoother and happier shopping experience with us. Let us help you reduce your financial burden J

Your benefits!

  1. Large range of home appliances and electronics covering basic and luxurious products.
  2. Buy products using installments with zero interest!
  3. Any online order has an exclusive advantage of free delivery, no conditions!
  4. Get all the assistance you need and consult with our online staff in real-time. They are there to help you with your search and give you clear answers to your questions.
  5. Gift your family and friends who are getting married! People appreciate practical gifts that they can use and remember you with <3

This month is all about you!

Avoid draining your cash or postponing your wedding plans! Make use of our grand offers in this wedding campaign and save! Whether you are buying in cash or installments you are the winner.

Our offers fall on all categories! Large home appliances, small home appliances, electronics, and TVs. You want to take advantage of our super-hot offers and competitive prices.

More than hot offers!

Enjoy the widest and best range of brands, models, and products with zero installments! Don’t settle for less than what you want and make your choice truly your own!

To highlight some of our star brands this month:

Shop informatively, not impulsively!

We want to transform your shopping experience so that you shop informatively, independently and with guidance. We are offering this month our buying guides that will touch on a few core home appliances. We will walk you through what you need to look for before you buy them, different options and how to define and choose what suits you best. We are also simplifying technical features for you to use to maximize your comfort and enjoyment.
You can read now:

Wait for more to be posted!

Why you should place an online order?

Free shipping for online orders! No conditions!

Our online shoppers have the best advantage of absolutely free shipping without any conditions or restrictions or a limit that you have to exceed. Once your online order is approved you immediately qualify for free delivery.

Exclusive online offers

Haven’t tried placing an online order? You should! There are exclusive offers that will be granted to our online shoppers only! Don’t miss out!


Wedding campaign starts 25/8 all the way to 31/8

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Congratulations! 🙂 <3 Happy Shopping! 🙂