Front-load washing machines have so many programs to help you care best for your clothes. Along with the basic normal cycle, there are additional programs with different temperatures, spin speeds, and soil settings.

 Washing programs save you time, hassle and handle your fabrics the right way. For example, soft and delicate fabrics like silk can stress and tear easy which requires gentle care, on the other end soiled clothes need a lot of rinsing to remove the soil and dirt.

Here are some programs and how they help you clean your clothes the right way:

  1. Add a garment: allows you to add an item that you forgot to put through a separate door after lid lock.

  2. Auto-dispense: A soap reservoir holds 75 ounces of detergent bleach or fabric softener when you select a cycle the machine senses the amount of soap needed and dispatches it automatically.

  3. Automatic dosage system:  automatically decides the best settings and perfect amount of water and detergent using smart sensors

  4. Bubble wash: produces bubbles to penetrate the fabric and enhance the washing results

  5. Built-in sink: some machines have a built-in sink to let you pretreat tough stains, hand wash items that are delicate or clean an extra load if the machine is fully loaded.

  6. Deep fill or deep water program: fills the tub with more water during the rinse and wash cycles to thoroughly clean clothes

  7. Delay timer: Load the machine with clothes and detergent but let it start when you want to. Ideal if you are going out and you want the cycle to start at a time when you will be outside and finish right when you arrive to avoid staying in the tub for a long time and picking up a smell.

  8. Delicate and silk: low temperature and no chemicals wash to preserve color and soft fabrics

  9. Eco: save your energy consumption almost by a third

  10. Fuzzy logic: automatically detects the dirt and load weight as well as the water and soap needed for the washing cycle.

  11. Handwash: resembles and imitates the hand wash in the sink for certain garments that require special care like sequins, prominent buttons, and embroidery. It gently tumbles and soaks in cold water.

  12. LCD display: shows time left for cycle completion.

  13. Permanent press: with low spin setting reduces wrinkles

  14. Presoak: soaks the clothes for some time before the cycle begins automatically.

  15. Quick wash: super useful if you are in a hurry. Quickly wash your clothes in an hour or super quickly within 15 to 30 minutes

  16. Reload function: allows you to click on pause and reload any missing items even after the machine has started

  17. Sanitizing cycles: to kill germs

  18. Special programs to handle baby clothes and delicates

  19. Sportswear: special sports program to clean thoroughly, remove sweat marks and smell while washing in low temperature to preserve the fabric.

  20. Stain removal special stain removal cycle including presoaking, steam feature, mixing hot and cold water to help the detergent dissolve the stain completely.

  21. Steam clean: allows fibers to relax, efficiently absorbing water removing tough stains and deep-down dirt. Detergent in high temperature like this kills bacteria and dissolves easily. Also high heat steam softens the fabric reducing wrinkles

  22. Wool: to specially care for your delicate wool and prevent shrinkage. It runs with cool water and gentle spins.

    We hope we helped understand the different programs and their uses. Shop here for washing machines