Africa Cup of Nations Background

At present, the African continent is getting ready to participate in the Africa cup of nations. It’s an international football championship organized by the Confederation of African Football. Initially, it was hosted by Cameroon in 1972. Let’s get ready and enjoy the honor of the Africa cup of nations because it will be hosted by Egypt. Proudly, Egypt won the Africa cup of nations 7 times.

Africa Cup of Nations 2019

The tournament involves 24 teams and it starts on the 21st of June and ends on the 19th of July. Cairo, Ismailia, Suez, and Alexandria are the four cities where the matches will be held. The national Egyptian team is getting ready to be the championship title holder.

Unforgettably, Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian player of the year in 2018, will take part in the pharaohs team as an effective player thanks to his speed, dribbling, and finishing.

Get Ready!

And here comes the question of how you will get ready for this amazing competition? Of course, you should gather the whole family to enjoy the great competition. The 24 teams will compete in 4 stadiums.

Here is how you can get ready for the tournament!


Bring the Stadium Home

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and call your friends to sit and watch the National Team on your Tv screen. Get the stadium feeling with a full HD or 4K Tv with perfect quality. Unfortunately, the championship will be held in summer and the weather is expected to be hot. Thus, don’t let the hot weather disturb your joyful experience and make sure to have an air conditioner or a fan to keep yourself and your friends relaxed and refreshed.

Keep your guests entertained

Whenever there is a family or friends gathering, they often want to have something to eat and drink. Let them have some coffee or tea with mint to set the mood while watching the matches.  Whether you are using a coffee machine or kettle this drink will have a unique taste cheering for the Egyptian Pharaoh, Mohamed Salah, as he scores an amazing goal.

When you are enthusiastic about your favorite match, time passes very slowly until airs. Speed up the time before the match with some delicious snacks. Entertain your company with popcorn, fries or cotton candy. Keep the match on and your snacks next to you.

Cheer as loud as the crowd!

All of this preparation is done to make you feel you are on the playground watching the two teams compete. This is not a dream since you can bring the match home.  Boost your compatible Tv with home theatre, subwoofers and speakers to be with your team as if you are a live audience in the stadium.

All of Egypt is waiting for the national team to bring home the title of the Africa cup of nations from Cameroon. Therefore, we are extremely happy to help you build your own stadium in your house. Get ready with full enthusiasm for this great African event and watch the Egyptian pharaohs beat the opponent. Get ready for a marathon of matches!