We strive to create the best experience for our customers. In doing so we monitor the problems that you face and aim to find solutions for them. Today our days are getting busier more than ever and many customers face difficulties in paying their monthly installments.

Our customers had to visit a BTECH branch to submit their payments which can be quite far, tiresome and time-consuming. You might recall one time you were stuck in heavy traffic or had to wait longer than you wanted in a queue to make your payment.

We realize how inconvenient it might be to make a simple payment and for that reason, we decided to expand our payment windows.

You can now pay your monthly installments easily through any Fawry service window. Save your cost of gas and hours of waiting.

Here is how you can place your payment through Fawry’s Service:

Visit your nearest supermarket, central or kiosk and request to pay your BTECH bill through Fawry. All you need is to supply the agent with your BTech’s wallet’s code and pay the installment associated with it.

      To get the wallet’s code:

  1. Prepare in advance your ID, phone number and full name for personal verification
  2. Make a phone call to 19966, and request your wallet’s code unique to your BTECH purchases/installments.
  3. Provide your verification information
  4. The call center agent will supply you with a unique code to your installments.

Simply provide your wallet’s code to the agent and pay the installment associated with it. Grab your receipt and you are good to go!