Are you considering built-in appliances for your kitchen? Let us help you with your next built-in purchase! So you can have an easy, quick, and enjoyable purchase 🙂 

Before you move to our full collection of built-in appliances, we invite you to first take a look at what we think is a great brand for your next built-in purchase, Franke.  You don’t need to go anywhere, in this blog post we will brief you a little about the brand and show you some videos of Franke’s built-in appliances. 

What is interesting about Franke?

A classy Swiss brand that specializes in a variety of kitchen appliances mainly in built-in hobs, ovens, hoods, taps, and sinks.

Why Franke?

We recommend Franke for your built-in purchase because most of us like to have an elegant kitchen that reflects some character and at the same time, we want to have reliable appliances that we can surely count on. 

Before you purchase, let’s take a quick tour 

We have selected 6 products from Franke’s built-in appliances in the 2 videos below. 

In the first video, we have included 3 built-in hobs with several sizes, materials, and options.

In the second video, you will see 3 hoods that you can pair with the hobs or buy them separately.

Also, check out how to clean these appliances!

We have included instructional videos from Franke on how they clean Franke’s gas hobs and how they clean hoods. 


Built-in Gas Hobs

Built-in Hoods

To purchase any of the above products and to discover more of Franke’s built-in appliances check it out here