Start your day with exercise to keep you positive, energized and focused

2. Say no to distractions

a) download apps or plugins on your laptop that block social media and other websites that take up your time.

b) turn off notifications on your smartphone 

3. Enjoy a good break and fresh air

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and get out to for some fresh air in the balcony

4. Cook simple, cook healthy

Keep your food simple and healthy to avoid wasting time cooking and doing chores. Your good options are grilled chicken, meat or steamed vegetables.

5.To-Do List

Begin your day with a to-do list whether you note it down on your notebook/tablet or iPad or laptop to keep your mind clear and focused on your day ahead


6. Read in hardcopy

reduce the amount of time you spend reading from the screen and print out long reading pieces


7. Have a workspace

Design your personal and organized workspace( headphones, laptop, charger, notebook, stationery, and healthy snacks).