Cabinet Colors

  1. Navy, green, and blue are the most popular kitchen cabinet colors. Expect to see teal, and derivative shades combining green and blue differently

  2. Full Wooden cabinets return but in paler shades

  3. Brightly colored bottom cabinets, appliances and walls


  4. Veiny marble is back! Adding style and luxury to countertops, and the kitchen’s island.

  5. Open shelving still continues from 2019 to this year

  6. What should you add to your shelves? Add character and personality to the kitchen through personalized items or china, artistic pieces. Consider a small decorated wall.


  7. Sinks are gaining more detail and importance reflected in style, color, and function. Sinks are like an extension to the countertop. They come with accessories turning them to cutting and straining workstations besides washing. Making them ideal for small kitchens.

  8. Gold sinks and/or accessories.Need ideas on how to pair gold with your kitchen appliances? Gold sinks work well with white countertops and black ovens and microwaves and ideally built-in appliances.


  9. Hardwood flooring




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