If you are considering Oppo Reno 2F then you likely came across the specifications of the processor (Mediatek Helio P70 processor). It is praised to be of such a high performance that will satisfy its users. Let’s check out why!

1. Expect a Long battery life

The processor is quite efficient granting you both better performance and power efficiency; preserving your smartphone’s battery and making it last longer. 

2. Higher Speed

Such a powerful processor that allows you to open multiple applications at once offering you ease and high speed to make you enjoy your phone every second without freezing which can be quite frustrating. 

3. An Improvement beyond Helio P60

Helio P70 is supplemented with an image processing unit enhancing the image quality and graphics quality by 13% than Helio P60

4. Extremely enjoyable Gaming

Gaming is absolutely entertaining with Helio P70, it is more fun, it is fast, dynamic and highly engaging in terms of sound and image quality.