We have amazing news for you!!

Exclusive to B.TECH!!! Pick up from store is now available for your online orders! 

Place your online order then come and collect it from the closest store where it’s available in just 2 hours!!

How great is that?!

Here are 5 reasons why you will absolutely love pick up from store!

1. You are the boss! 

You get to decide everything the way you want. 

You don’t just get what you want but you decide when you want it and where you want it.

2. Super convenient

You never have to wait for a product anymore! The product waits for you!  It will arrive at the store where you want to pick it up and we will let you know when it is there 🙂 

3. Save time and effort

If you are traveling and in a hurry, simply place your online order, continue packing and pick up what you want on the way before you go!

4. The perfect option for surprise gifts!

If you are ordering a gift from our website, collect it within 2 hours only so you can have enough time to plan the surprise!

5. Can’t wait? You don’t have to!

So excited to get a product? Why enjoy later when you can enjoy now? 

Waste no time and place your online order immediately. All the fun you anticipated? You will have in just 2 hours!