We bring you a list of 8 gadgets to take on your next business trip or a holiday destination, so you can look good, feel good and be prepared.

Look Good

1. Shaver/trimmer

If you are a spontaneous person you have a unique lifestyle, deciding to go on a trip can happen on spot. Your personal shaver/trimmer gives you the freedom you to groom yourself anywhere you like and anytime you wish.


2. Blow dryer

There is so much to explore at your next holiday destination! Cut the time you spend getting ready short. Step out of the shower, blow-dry your hair and get ready in no time


3. Steam iron

Have a special outfit for a certain outing? Don’t risk it getting all wrinkly. Carry a steam iron to look great and feel confident.


4. Camera

A vacation is all about refreshing your soul and experiencing new things. But a lot of us miss out on those healing effects by focusing too much on taking photos. Save your time for something worth it and far too valuable to not document. Capture the best photos of beautiful greenery, a magical sunset, an old building, a wonderful painting or a child’s smile.

Feel good

5. Headphones

Add a little fun to your solo trip moments without feeling bored. Let your headphones accompany you while you are working, jogging, shopping or taking a walk.

6. Bluetooth speaker

There are truly unforgettable times like a vacation with your friends! Their company lightens the mood and cheers you up. Energize those fun movies, pizza and gaming nights with some music. Sing along as you play board games, UNO, monopoly deal or phase 10!

Be Prepared

7. Laptop backpack

Business trips need practicality so convenience and comfort are a priority. And what is more practical than a laptop backpack. It frees both of your hands and places little weight on one shoulder side.

8. Power bank 

New holiday destinations spark a mood of excitement and adventure. We want to explore the nearest market, café or restaurant and we usually rely on Google Maps for directions. But the app and location service tend to drain our mobile’s battery. With a power bank, you can save your battery from dying, get to where you want and stay reachable.