In the winter season more often than not we see a lot of unfortunate news about heater fires.

What causes heater fires?

As the weather gets really cold, heaters become used much more frequently and for a longer time which may become too hot, sparking a fire. 

But does that mean we should abandon heaters completely?

While that option may eliminate the risk entirely but you still can’t really protect your family members especially the kids and elderly from catching a cold. 


Winters get really chilly and piling on clothes is not enough. Perhaps you can consider heaters with safety features!

But which safety feature is important?

A popular safety feature called “overheat protection“.

What makes it a valuable feature? 

It adds a layer of safety to your heater reducing chances of fire incidents.  


The heater has a technology that detects when the internal elements/components of the heater become too hot. Then it shuts off the unit automatically preventing the heater from becoming too hot! 

So you don’t need to abandon heaters entirely and you don’t have to worry. Stay cozy in your home and also safe. 


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