For those who love winter, we totally get you! There are many things to love about it!

The overall dreamy mood

And even the way the streets look like in the rain!

And after the rain 🙂 

Of course cozy family nights around the TV, a hot drink and a movie!

But sometimes it gets too chilly and definitely, you don’t want to be uncomfortable with piles of clothes or shivering and catching a cold. So a lot of us may opt for a portable heater to warm our rooms.

Until we read a post or news about fire incidents that were triggered by heaters! It freaks us out!

So what can you do to protect yourself & your family from heater fires?

Here are 6 safety tips:

  1. Turn off and unplug the heater if you are going to leave the room for a long time
  2. Don’t keep the heater on overnight. But if you can only sleep in a warm room, then heat the room shortly before you sleep
  3. Keep at least 1-meter distance between the heater and anything that can catch fire
  4. Plug the heater directly into the outlet without an extension cord because an extension increases the chances of unit overheat
  5. Regularly request heater maintenance and cleaning to prevent accumulation and dispersion of dust particles that cause allergens and excessive coughing
  6. Keep the heater away from water or dampness and definitely don’t touch it if you have wet hands.

Stay safe and warm 🙂