Struggling with weight loss? Tired of strict, unbalanced and hard to keep diets? Here are 14 tips to sustain a healthy lifestyle with enjoyment.

Start with small but consistent changes gradually replacing bad habits with good ones. Shift your focus from short to long term goals. Begin with a purpose like taking care of your body and soul, gifts that deserve care and attention. 

Here are 14 tips that will make your Healthy Lifestyle Easy:



1. Eat slowly and mindfully. Notice how fast you breathe, chew and reach for the next bite. Pause to recognize and stop when almost full.

2. Consume most calories early in your day and less at night.

Light and filling dinner ideas:

  • Salad with a light dressing
  • fruit and yogurt
  • Oats and honey
  • Broccoli, carrot, pumpkin or mushroom soup. Want them creamy? The secret is a hand blender.

3. Get a lunch box at work, no ordered food. Ideas?

4. Switch to healthy snacks. Prepare in advance and keep within reach, eliminating junk food temptations. Slice or grate large quantities of fruits and vegetables with a kitchen machine. Pack and store in the refrigerator.

5. Love your vegetables with spicy hummus or seasoned yogurt dip. Nudge sliced fruits with peanut butter.

6. Cook to be more conscious of your choices. Leave the hard work for a food steamer, rice cooker or air fryer

7. Ease workdays by preparing and freezing lunch beforehand. Pull it out of the freezer and place it in the microwave.

8. Carbs lovers: I feel you! No need to cut them out completely. Switch to brown bread and pasta that are healthier and more filling than white ones.

Use little or no oil for rice with a rice cooker.

9. Stay full and nourished with proteins. Season and marinate then place over a grill or in an air fryer.

10. Get a kitchen scale to weigh and control your portions.


11. Drink low-calorie natural juice or milkshake instead of soda and sugary drinks to load on vitamins and natural sugar. You need a juicer and a blender.


12. Drink plenty of water. Add droplets of rosewater or orange blossom for added flavor or lemon and orange slices to cold water from the dispenser. Notice the improvements in your energy, mood, concentration, digestion, skin and weight control.


13. Exercise regularly. Explore, feel and boost your body’s strength and flexibility. Hit the gym, meet new people and try cross fit, spinning, yoga or dance classes.

Or exercise outdoors with your headphones and a workout playlist.

Staying at home? Watch TV while exercising on a bike or a treadmill.

14. When you exercise don’t wait eagerly for the end of your workout, be present in the moment. Enjoy how hard you are pushing and taking care of your body. Feel the sweat, pain, energy, thrill and be proud of yourself for such strength and commitment.

Take responsibility and own your commitments to make transformative changes