Moulinex Food Processor 900 Watt, Multi Functions, White - FP7331BM


Moulinex Food Processor 900 Watt, Multi Functions, White - FP7331BM

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Moulinex Food Processor is easy to use; it allows you to prepare all kinds of foods: meat, fish, vegetables, sauces and even cocktails. Its 1.5-liter blender helps you to make large quantities of delicious sauces, soups and tasty milkshakes for your friends and family. Moulinex Food Processor will make you change your cooking routine. Thanks to its two metallic discs, you can now cut vegetables and fruit. Use the citrus press to prepare delicious juices packed with vitamins. With Moulinex Food Processor, you can also make bread, scrumptious cakes, whipped cream and whipped egg whites. What's more, its two retractable handles makes it easy to clean and store. Moulinex Food Processor is the perfect kitchen companion!

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بيانات المعالج

براند مولينكس
اللون ابيض
النوع محضر طعام
مكونات الزبدية بلاستيك
عدد إعدادات السرعة 3
الواط 900
مادة عصاة الخلاط اليدوي غير قابل للتطبيق
حجم الزبدية بـ(اللترات) 3
مرفق المسيل نعم
تشمل مطحنة نعم
Power: 900 Watt Speed settings: 3 Pulse function: Yes Number of accessories: 7 Number of functions: 27 Bowl total capacity: 3 Liters Blender total capacity: 2 Liters Blender Bowl Material: Plastic Chopping Attachment: Stainless steel blade Kneading Attach